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My angel March 24

Hi there,I had my little girl on March 24 ,and ...wooow,it is a tremendous experience! I have chosen to breastfeed exclusively for as long as I can,which means that even now I have to stay at home most of the  time..My baby is getting bigger every day though..Anybody 35+ in same position? My best to all march 08 babies!!
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hey guys,I m so glad to hear from you again!!!
I' ve been really busy like you all are,I'm sure,I can never find  time to sit at my pc these days.....I 'm basically exhausted,although much better than in first 50 days.Irene is now 3,5 months old and I'm thrilled to watch her grow still trying to believe that she's mine!I'm  still breastfeeding exclusively so I'm still around the house most of the time,no work for me yet,I really don't know when I will feel active professionally again,I'm an architect and I already miss it,although sooo happy being a mommy. I have a question for you ladies: do you let your baby cry more than 5 minutes,now that he's older than 2-3 months??? If you know that he's dry,fed and probably not in pain,do you let him cry to learn to soothe himself? Does he get spoiled at this age if you respond to his crying very fast???? I keep having this argument with my dh,do you???
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Hi ladies!!  Neena was born on March 23rd.  Carolyn - I had the same problem with breastfeeding as you did.  I was very sad to have to give it up after two weeks.  We had a lactation consultant and Neena was latching on fine - I just never had enough milk for her.  After two weeks of doing all the herbs,  drinking water like it was going out of style,  eating oatmeal twice a day and pumping like a maniac as well as putting baby to the breast,  I was still getting an ounce and a half from both breasts combined!!  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I had the most awful heartburn and was eating very little and losing weight - as my belly got bigger the rest of me was shrinking,  including the boobs. I weighed less when I came home from the hospital than I did before I got pregnant!! So that might've had something to do with it.   Maybe my body was saying "what? you want milk now too?"  I cried about it a lot and DH and I decided it was time to let it go.  Oh well.  Neena is doing great - she sleeps like a champ,  both naps and nighttime.  If I can think of anything worth passing on,  I will.    Enjoy every moment mamas!!  
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Hi nylena

Gabriel was born on 3/22, so I am with you.  I tried bf for 2 weeks, but my milk never came in good enough to satisfy.  I tried everything, including herbs, but nothing.  I believe it was stress, I had a lot of that in the beginning.  I am going back to work on Monday, June 2, and am stressing over that, not to mention my ds who is 17 is graduating from high school tonight.  Oh, I am so hormonal right now.  I can't believe how fast these babies grow and change right in front of our eyes.  Gabriel is sleeping well at night, but I can't seem to get him to nap very well during the day.  This makes for a hard evening when he is really tired, from about 5 till bedtime.  Any suggestions on daytime napping, I feel like I have tried everything, but there has to be other suggestions.  

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