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18 weeks, can you tell gender

Hi, i'm going to be 18 weeks next week and scheduled my level 2 ultrasound. i was wondering if you can see the gender of the baby this early, or should i wait another week or 2 to be more certain?
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Yes! You can definately see the gender of the baby at this time! That is if the little one cooperates! Good luck!
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We found out that we are having a little boy at our 18 week u/s. So yes they can tell as long as the little one cooperates! Phin had his legs crossed right until the end of the u/s..
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We found out what we were having at 18w5d... they said without a doubt it was a girl.  She was missing all the "boy parts" so it was pretty evident that we were having a girl.  Like Kele, our baby didn't cooperate until the last 5 minutes... so we weren't sure if we were going to be finding out.  Good luck and I hope that you are able to see what you are having!!
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