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Do any of your babies have allergies to food? I don't know what to look for. I know the dramatic symptoms of airway constriction etc but I don't know any of the minor ones. Blake gets rashes occasionally from colognes from her daddy hugging her but they go away within a few minutes so I am never too concerned I just keep  an eye on it.

Blake does have an issue with formula. :( She has to be on soy formula because milk based formula gives her awful gas and diarrhea.

I give Blake lots of snacks, mum mums, gerber crunchies, puffs, yogurt melts, etc. She never seems to have an issue with them though. Even the ones that have a little bit of milk in them...she doesn't have a problem so far...but I was just interested to know what you guys have experienced.

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Brock has very sensitive skin, and I have asked about allergies as well.  One of his cheeks is always red.  The ped. said that one sign of allergies is a rash around the mouth...not just redness, but a splotchy, red rash.  I'm assuming it looks darker.  
We haven't had any issues with allergies to foods.  
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Not yet... and hopefully never!   haha... we give her pieces of cheese (which is obviously dairy) and she is fine.  I have HORRIBLE year round allergies and would get hives as a kid.  Oddly enough, I was allergic to melon when I was a kid.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.  I grew out of the allergy, but it wasn't fun going to a picnic and not eating watermelon.  I am hoping she doesn't have bad allergies like I do or have any food allergies either :)
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I havent really noticed anythin food wise either thank goodness.... I think we just introduce new things every couple days and look for signs....

Noah has ALOT of problems with his formula, or I should say he did... he is on Alimentum (allergic to soy and cows milk) - and I am hoping he grows out of that.... I have given him a bit of pudding or yogurt and he seems to do just fine, no allergic reactions so far but he is being given SMALL amounts....

Oh man! I have HORRIBLE year round allergies and I wouldnt with that on anyone either!
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