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Bad Wednesday

Hey ladies....bad news. :( I started cramping and bleeding today. I went in for a quick u/s to see how things were progressing (I had some bleeding at 7 weeks when I was pregnant with Jack so I wasn't sure what was happening). We saw a sac and a fetal pole but it was not measuring anywhere close to 8.5 weeks and no heartbeat. I go in for my regularly scheduled appointment tomorrow to follow-up with my doc about my issues. This evening I really started to cramp and passing a bunch of clots so I am positive this is it....bummer. I just hope it goes fast and as painless as possible. This actually can't happen at a worse time. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I am SO not looking forward to it now. Augh! Well I will write in sometime tomorrow about my follow-up appointment.
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Oh Irish...There is nothing to say to make it better, but I am truly sorry and my heart goes out to you and your family.
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My heart goes out to you♥♥♥
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I am so sorry!  Take care!
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Thanks ladies...I appreciate it. :) It is funny that even though I know logically that this situation is common and in a month or two we'll be up and running again I can't help but really break down over this. I thought it wouldn't be this bad. I guess knowing hat you are loosing part of it everytime you go the the bathroom is more mentally draining than I thought. I only slept 3 hours last night at most. My plan was to stay up really really late so when i got into bed I would be so tired I wouldn't avae time to lay there and think before I fell asleep, but no luck. Now I have to face my doctor this afternoon. I don't think I can make it thru this appointment in one piece. The worst part is that I am suppoed to go in to fill our "new pregnancy" paperwork. I am going to have to ahve DH talk to the front desk. My mumbling underneath my tears probably won't get me too far.

Thanks again ladies for your support. I know there really isn't much to say in these instances. I have been on the other side when a few friends had losses and you feel kind of helpless. Letting me ramble though is probably the best right now. :)
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Oooooh... I am soooo sorry :(  If you want to talk let me know.  
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Oh sweetie. My heart is broken for your loss. There is really nothing I can really say at a time like this except that I am truly very sorry. *Hugs*
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So sorry Irish.....  The only thing that kinda got me through mine was that God took the baby for a reason......
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