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Glucose Screen

Well... I had my glucose screen today.  The drink really doesn't taste bad, but I "chugged" it anyway.  About 3 minutes after I drank it though, Leighton went crazy!  She was having a dance party in my belly... my whole stomach was moving around.  The lady sitting next to me was laughing because she was so violent with her movements!  Hopefully it went well... I won't know until early next week.  Who else had theirs this week?  Was it Kele?  I can't remember... go figure :)
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I havent had it yet but I will in Jan...
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Yes I had mine yesterday. Phin was asleep I think through the whole thing. But he doesn't move much in the mornings anyway. I went with orange for the flavor and while the first couple sips were ok by the time I got to the end of the bottle it was not nice. Granted I have a horrible sore throat and the sweet thickness was not pleasent.

I hope to not hear from the dr, which would mean that everything is ok.

Good luck to you as well.
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I have to have it for the second time tomorrow. It wasnt too bad on ice.  I also had the orange flavor.
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I have mine in 3 weeks.  But I can't drink of any the drinks, because I am allergic to the flavoring, (that's always awesome) but I get to eat Brach Jumbo Jelly beans!!  LOL  20 in 5 mins is freaking hard!  They are so sugary and you feel like your trying to eat taffy and fast!  LOL

But 20 in 5 mins is equal to the 1hr drink.  So when ever I had those my babies go crazy!!!!!!!!  lol...
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I had mine last week at 24 weeks - and results back yesterday - NORMAL. So I get to keep eating cupcakes. After I drank it - the baby did not go nuts - which I was expecting her too. I did feel a little queasy but it really was not that bad.

Glad to get this done - and even happier it all went well!
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I have mine on the 18th of december.... HMMMM and they didnt let me choose a drink LOL they just gave me RED which I will assume is some sort of strawberry or fruit punch? And i thought it was a little wierd they gave it to me so early with instructions LOL so We will see!
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I am having mine on the 12th and I am getting nervous especially with family hystory of pregnancy diabetes.  I will just stay away from sweets a few days before then..

So do I have to go fasting for that?  I hope not coz I am not booked till 12pm.  
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They gave me to the orange flavor... no choice there.  But, like I said... I chugged it in 30 seconds because I didn't *want* to taste it!  I am on a Z-pac because I am sick myself, so I was in no mood to mess around... hahaha!  

Tea_berries... you do not need to fast.  I was told though not to eat any carbs or sugars (including fruit) before the test.  My test was at 10am, so I had scrammbled eggs and 2 soy sausage patties for breakfast.  But, of course... I would check with your doctor because they might have different instructions than what I was given.  
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Maybe I can have breakfast then and go to my blood test at 12:00 this way I am safe.  And will ask my doctor to make sure too.  Thanks for your response I was wondering about that.
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I had to fast for 2 hours.
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I would def check on the eating - not to screw anyone up but my DR said chug it and do not eat anything that morning - or drink water or take food after drinking it. I did not curb sugar the days leading up to the test, but I drink it on an empty stomach, went in and had the test within an hour of drinking it. But they were very specific with me on not eating or drinking that a.m. - my test was at 8:30 am thankfully.
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I have to do mine on the 29th.  My doctor said that they schedule patients to do it between 27-29 weeks.  They gave me the lemon lime flavor.  I hated doing this with my other two, it always makes me feel crappy.
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I go for mine on Dec 30th. I don't think i get a choice, they just give me the stuff at the hospital. While i'm waiting I have to go get my RH immune shot done and meet with a lacataion consultant (i'm having a hard time with the breastfeeding question) then i go back down for the second blood test.
I was told to eat my normal breakfast before i go
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Hmmm those are some good questions.... I will definitely have to check on the food  thing, my appt is at 4:15 in the afternoon! UGH
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Yeah, I would check with your individual doctor about eating before the test.  Like I said, my doctor said eat as I normally would, but don't eat fruit, carbs, or anything that is or could turn into, sugar.  That is why she told me eggs and said that soy sausage was fine :)  But, obviously... there are some women on here whose doctors told them differently.  So, go with what your doctor says :)  

Justice6920... there is no way they will make you fast all day before your test!  That would be cruel to you and your little growing baby! :)
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I have not been set up for mine yet, I have my 6 mo. check up on Tuesday, so I figure they'll set it up soon after. But with my son, I had no choice, they gave me a brown liquid that tasted like flat Coca Cola!  Not too bad. But I think I remember not eating for 2 hours prior to the test.
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here is some helpful info on the glucose screening:

As for eating - looks like the one you have to "fast" for is the 3 hr one if you do not pass the first one. For the first one, you should not to eat or drink after you have the sugary drink for the first one. Hope this helps!
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Sounds like a wonderful test to have to take. ;) Just got my juice and instructions yesterday at my appoinment (I have to do all blook work related stuff though an outsourced facility...my doc doesn't do the screening she just gets the results). I think I will wait till next Friday and work from home that day....just in case it make me feel yucky I won't have to do the office interaction thing that day. :)

Hope everyone's tests go well and have gone well so far. My doc said that if this one comes out normal it should be the last blood test I have to do...I hope so to. I hate giving away what seems to be those large vials of blood. I am not much of a needle/blood type of gal.
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