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Glucose Screening

I just had my 1-hr glucose screening test last Thursday. I was told not to fast at all. I did eat before I went to the appointment. I also had an apple & 2 cookies that day as well before my appointment.

I ended failing the test. :(  The cutoff was 139 and my result was 141. Now I have to go tomorrow to take the 3-hour test.

I think it was the cookies (stupid me!!) and apple that pushed me over. Thoughts? I really doubt that I have gestational diabetes.  
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i was told not to eat or drink anything the day of test and forgot and drank water figuring thatll b ok and my meal from day b4 was at like 8pm so idk how but i failed also, now gotta take 3 hrs one damn it lol...:(
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I was told not to fast... but not to eat any carbs or sugary items the day of the test.  An apple definitely has sugar and so do cookies... so my guess is that is why you failed :)

The glucose test tests how well your body breaks down sugar, so by eating an apple and cookies the day of the test, your body was already trying to break down those sugars... and by drinking the "lovely" drink they give you, your body most likely went on sugar overdose.  So, be careful for your 3 hour test.  You shouldn't eat anything with natural sugars (fruit, for example) or processed sugar (cookies, for example).  Hopefully you will pass the 3 hour :)  
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Oh my gosh!  I'm so glad I got on here tonight, I totally forgot that I was supposed to do that this week. Guess I'll do it tomorrow!  And nobody told me about not eating, I kind of remembered it from being pregnant with my son, but that was almost 4 years ago. Thank you!
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I failed the test even with the 2hour fasting I did just because I was super craving for sweets that week.  :0( I was really sad to hear that I did not pass the glucose test.  I did the 2hour GTT one last sunday with 12hour fasting.  this time I really did not eat 12hours prior.  (our lab required that) nothing to drink either.  So I went there and they took my blood after they tested it for sugar and passed, they gave me some orange juice to drink and had to sit there for an hour and not allowed to go anywhere because of the probability of fainting or getting sick.  After the hour has passed they took a blood sample and I felt getting sick but not allowed to vomit so they had me lying down.  I had to stay for another hour after they took my blood the second time and then another sample was taken.  

It was super boring so make sure you bring some reading materials or a companion to talk to.  I have not heard from my nurse yet but I am hoping that I passed the test.  I hate needles  :0(
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My nurse freaked me out terribly!  She told me not to eat any carbs!  So, I ate chicken and cottage cheese for lunch.  We ended up having a snow day from school, so I got my appt. changed to the morning.  It worked out great!  I'm sure you'll be okay.  I didn't eat for a few hours before the test.  
Good luck!  I agree, skip the sweets until after the test!  I know, it's hard!
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That s*cks.  I was told to fast for 2 hours before the test...which I forgot about and had toast w/ peanut butter. I passed but was hella nervous until the results came in.

I'd just make sure that you bring a sandwich or something with you to be able to eat right away after the test. My place calls for a 12 hour fast before the 3 hr test.

Good luck! And no cookies!
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