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Hey ladies!

It's been a while since i've been on, just getting things done.  All 3 of my kids got tonsilitis, (and that is odd for babies under a year too.)  They all have their tonsils and adenoids removed.  It was nice that the childrens hospital here did all 3 at the same time, but Claire and Grant have been having the most trouble with it.  My guess is because they don't want to hold still and recover.  

The hernia I had while pregnant and had surgery on, came back.  Just had surgery this past friday to fix it again.  

Olivia is about to crawl fully.  She Gets up on all 4's and rocks, it's cute.  She will also put pressure on her feet with my hands under her armpits!  She also have 2 teeth already.  Lot's of beautiful hair!  =)  

I hope you all have been doing good, and your all enjoying your little ones to the max!!!
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Wow... bummer about your kids!  That must have been rough.  Plus, your hernia came back?  That's another bummer.  Glad to hear that your little girl is doing great!  She was born in January, right?
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Yup, Jan it was all nice and early.
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Awwww WOW she is getting so big and already has two teeth!!!

Poor babies! I hope they get well soon
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Yeah she started teething at 2 months, which isnt unusual in my family, but better to get it all over and done with.  Get her through the teething so she doesnt bite my nipple off!  =)

I think they will get better soon.  They have a check up appt next week!  Can't wait to get a clear bill of health!
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Wow, its been one hard year for you, no wonder you don't have time for medhelp!

Hope things get better!
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