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Hi Girls! I can't believe you're still on here!

It's so good to see a lot of you still here and keeping eachother updated!  My family's doing great!  Camden's in Kindergarten and Adalie is growing, growing!  I think she's 35" and 25 lbs. She's been in her toddler bed since October when we moved into our new house and she's about 65% potty trained, I haven't been as diligent with her as I was with Camden, he was finished by 2.  But she lets me know MOST of the time LOL! when she has to go and she hold's it when she sleeps so, she's doing good.  And she LOVES Spongebob, playing with her babydolls and her little dollhouse!  We just found out a couple weeks ago that we are expecting again.  It was a big surprise to us, we were actually done and had sold all our baby stuff last summer in a yard sale before we moved.  And then a week after we found out I was pregnant, we found out I'm pregnant with twins!  The doctor's keeping a close eye on me because of my miscarriages so I'm 7 weeks (due 12/8, but Dr's shooting for beginning of Nov.), have had bloodwork 4X, my HCG levels last Tuesday were 250,000!!! and I've had two u/s, and another one this Thursday.  I got to see the heartbeats both times.  I had my first u/s at 6 weeks because of spotting and that's when I found out there are 2 in there!  
I'm glad everybody's doing good!  I haven't got to read through a lot of the posts yet, but it seems like everybody's doing well!
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whoa! twins! congrats - but that is so crazy that you thought you were done. Hopefully you will get tons of hand me downs and not have to buy everything all over again. You will certainly have a full house! Wishing you much luck in this pregnancy and keep us posted!

I am due in 2 days - Hayden was 4 days early so this is officially the most pregnant i have ever been, I AM READY!!

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Congratulations to you!  Hopefully you're in the hospital by now!  Are you pregnant with another girl or are you keeping this one a surprise?  Happy, healthy delivery wishes and prayers coming your way! :)
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Thanks! This one is a boy and today is my due date....but no sign of this one coming yet. We'll induce Wed if he is not here by then....pls send baby delivery vibes for BEFORE then!
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