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Introduce urself and DD's

Okay ladies here we go there hasnt been many posts for march 09 babies.....so i wanna kno who is due and when

How are the pregnancys going?

and anything any one wants to talk about
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I agree....it has been a little slow in this room so far.

Here are my stats so far:

BFP - July 7, 2008
EDD - March 17, 2008 (luck of the irish I guess) ; DH's b-day is March 18th.

4weeks - 2 days

Mild symptoms so far: bbs sore (a little more each day), tired a lot more, definitely more hungry and overall just feeling bloated. Other than that, things are good. Trying to work out 4-5 times a week (in a mild manner of course) and feeling overall just happy about everything. Trying not to think about the downside to the pregnancy being so early and hoping for the best.

I hope everyone is doing good too....have a great weekend. :)
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i GOT MY.................

BFP ON 7-1
BETA 258 ON 7-7
EDD 3-13-09

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I can't remember the date I got my BFP...  it was towards the end of June.  

EDD: March 1, 2009  (I don't think this is right though because I ovulated on CD17... which would push my EDD to March 4, 2009.  Guess we will see!)
Last beta: 5w2d- 3,800
Currently 6w5d today

I have my first sonogram on July 22nd, when the doctor will be checking for a heart beat and measurements.  Keeping our fingers crossed everything is perfect at that time.  We lost a baby at 15 weeks and at 6w4d so we are SUUUPER nervous this time around.  I don't think that I will feel comfortable this pregnancy until week 38!  

My symptoms are pretty mild... minimal morning sickness (haven't thrown up, just get super nauseus), more tired than normal, heavy boobs.  Hope that everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of pregnancy!
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EDD: March 9, 09

haven't been to the dr yet, as it's very early and I apparently have no problem getting pregnant!  this was our first month TTC, so i guess we got lucky!  :)

I have been pretty nauseous in the evenings and soooo tired during the day.  also feeling pretty bloated too  

feeling very nervous about this pregnancy since i was on Mirena for 3 years, and we conceived our first month. i know the mirena thins the lining of the uterus, so we thought it would take 3-4 months to get a BFP. hoping my uterus is thick enough for the baby to "stick".  just thinking THICK!

good luck to all mommies!!
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i understand wat u mean...i had my Mirena for 1.5 yrs and it took me 3 mths to finally get my BFP!!
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Hi Ladies!

I got my BFP on July 5.
My EDD is March 13

My Hubby and I have been TTC since September. In April I was diagnosed with PCOS. I started my first round of clomid in June and apparently it worked! So far the dr said everythng is good. I go for my 1st Ultrasound on July 21.
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Great idea!

Egg retrieval-6/9/08
Embie transfer-6/12/08
Due Date-3/01/09

We have been ttc for 5 years. This was our second and last shot at IVF and it so worked! We were hoping for multiples but have one perfect pouchling growing away. As of today we are 7 weeks pg and the symptoms are rolling in....
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Egg retrieval in 06/19/08
Embie transfer 06/24/08
BFP 07/03/08
Due Date 03/12/09

I have suffered through 2 ectopics on the same side and lost that one in Nov 06.  I had surgery to fix my left tube in June 07 and it was not a success. This was my first IVF cycle and it has nervous.  I am 5 weeks and 4 days and will have my first ultrasound on 07/16 to make sure things are in the right place.
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Anxious-Congrats to you! We are going on the 16th for our 2nd u/s to ensure that our pouchling is growing according to plan and I can't wait to see it's little heartbeat again.

Let us know how your u/s goes, I am sending you good vibes and well wishes.
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Hi everyone and CONGRATS!!!

BFP - July 10th
EDD - March 21st

We had a miscarriage 5/15 at 6 weeks :(

First cycle trying, charting BBT, and BFP!! I almost fell over I was so shocked!!

DH and I have been half heartedly trying for 16 months before BFP in April '08. m/c 5/15 and got the ok to start trying again after first AF. Decided to give BBTing a try, and it worked!!

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DH and I tried for two years before turning to fertility treatments for help.  I finally got my BFP on July 2, due March 10th with twins (if they both stick).  Saw two dots on our ultrasound today with two tiny heartbeats.  

Beta on 7/2 230
Beta on 7/4 523

The first ultrasound today 7-15, second ultrasound 7-28 and third one 8-4.  We are extremely excited and feel very blessed.  I feel great (especially compared to how I felt on the fertility drugs).  I can't wait to be a mom and at this point there is a fairly good chance I will be one in March of 2009.
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I had two miscarriages this year -- one at 8 weeks (chromsomal abnormality after getting tissue tested) and then another miscarriage at 4 weeks in May. Got a BFP on July 7 -- and so far my levels are rising, but I am also on progesterone suppositories and baby asprin. I have an early ultra sound next week --- not sure why or what to expect to see - but due to the two miscarriages, I asked for it to make sure everything is where it should be.

My breasts are huge and sore - a little more each day. I get light headaches here and there, and my equilibrium is off at times (feel a little dizzy) -- also low back pain.

Does anyone feel achy in the low back? Sometimes it feels like AF cramps - but light -- not intense. Is that normal?

HCG yesterday (7/14 - at 4 weeks) was 1020 and progesterone was 15.8. Dr says this is right on track...hope so!?

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I had some back pain the 2 or 3 days before I got my BFP. I do not usually get AF cramps, so I thought maybe I had just slept wrong or something. They went away after a few days, hope yours do too!
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I get cramps/twinges from time to time, but I haven't experienced much back pain yet. My bbs are sore though. I assume everything is ok so far. I don't go in for my first appointment till August 7th. Ahhh more waiting. hehehehe.

I hope you feel better soon.
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bfp july 16
edd march 23
Haven't been to the Dr yet, go on tuesday. I will be considered high risk since i lost my baby at 19 weeks due to chromosone defect.
I am scared to death that something is going to go wrong and I will miscarry, all weekend i have been convinced i was having a miscarraiage
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BFP on July 3
EDD March 13 (acording to my calculations, have not gotten an official from doc yet)
7/18 ultrasound showed one little sprout (5w6d) with a strong heart flicker
2nd ultrasound scheduled for 7/25, hoping to hear heart beat! (and graduate to regular OB)

TTC almost 4 years
Ectopic in Jan 08

13dpiui Beta 52 progesterone 28
17dpiui Beta 299 progesterone 32
5w6d Beta 7, 900ish
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Hi Ladies,
I had my first u/s yesterday and it was so exciting! The baby looked like a little freckle! When the dr had me hold my breath, you can see the whole baby pulsing and he said that is the heart beat. it was so amazing. My dr did not take any blood to test my levels. they said they didnt need to as long as the baby looked healthy. does that sound right? I only gave blood once when I was 4 weeks to confirm the pregnancy. i dont have to go back for another 4 weeks, at that point, I will be 10 weeks. I cant wait to go back and see more!
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HI, I am currently 6w3days,  with my 5th child,  oops..  my youngest is 10 months and my oldest is 16.  hcg levels 135 on 7/9  than on 7/17 6940 on 7/21 13791.  saw baby yesterday with hb of 115.  which is great because we didn';t see it last week so it just started...just waiting my 12 weeks to prepare for the future of a mom of 5
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BFP 7/21/08
EDD 3/31/08

two previous miscarriages

Have not been to the dr. yet but have and appointment on Aug. 11
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Does anyone have any light cramping in their stomach? It more feels like light pains shooting up me. I asked the dr about it and he said its my uterus growing. It comes and goes, usually at night after I use the restroom.
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yea i get that also, here and there nothing to BIG to complain about  but it is there!
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i am currently waiting to find out if i am expecting.i will give it till monday. i am 7 days late with symptoms. if i am preggers i will be due on march 29th.
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I am due on March 17th (St. Patricks Day.  We are sooooo thrilled and happy!!  We saw our babies heartbeat last week!!  Miracles do happen!!!  I look forward to speaking with you all during this beautiful journey we are on!!!
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hi there

we are expecting our first baby. and we are really excited. i am feeling good but having trouble sleeping, i have had this problem along time befor getting up the duff. hopefully that will change i lay in bed awake for hours......so annoying!! Have been getting stomach cramps similar to period pain and also sharp shooting pains which started 3 days ago....after reading forums i believe this is due to my uterus expanding. am not sure how far along i am yet as I have add extremely irregular cycles this year...43 days / 59 days and 42 days.

BFP: 14/07/08
EDD: 10/03/09

My EDD is based on a 28 day cycle but the HCG was very low in my blood when i was supposedly 6 weeks 1 day, and the baby was not detected on my first scan. Going back to doctors 6th august for another scan so fingers crossed this time i willl have an idea of when im due. Cant wait to see our little baby on the screen!!

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