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Losing that darn weight!

Hello ladies!
Well I went to my six week appt confident that I only had 10 or so more pounds to lose. We don't own a scale at home because I would never get off of it so this was the firs time I was going to be weighed since the birth. Now I exercise about 2 hours a day, drink only water, watch my diet, and I am two sizes away from my pre pregnancy size. Well, to my surprise I found that I had only lost 8 lbs since Mark's birth! I only gained 25 pounds with the pregnancy, so that still gives my quite a bit to lose. Also I am nursing and my breasts are a 34 F so I know there is extra poundage there, but how can I my weight loss be so low? It is rather depressing.
How is everyone else doing on the weight lost front?
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I have about 10 more pounds to go...but I think it is actually more because when I look at myself I can't believe it is only 10. I think the worst part is my tummy! When I stand it isn't so bad but when I sit it looks like my stomach is smiling...the extra skin or whatever is gross. :( I think when I actually start to work out ( I have not wanted to at all) it will get better??? But I was so small and my skin was so tight before I got pregnant that I was just stretched out I think. BUT I am back in my pregnancy jeans without altering them anymore...but I am NOT back in my shirts because of my extra skin. :(
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ok i win the fatty patty award here - i was 140 pre preg (5'8'') and had my "coming to jesus" at my six week appt yesterday --

I GAINED 65 LBS!!! I already lost 35 lbs but I have 30 to go. I know i am likely carrying about 10 in the boobs - and then 20 is spread out in my butt and thighs. I think the more you gain - the more you loose quickly.

I have been walking every where and my appetite tanked after i gave birth - but this is very depressing. I will loose it but just mad at myself for letting myself go with pregnancy. NEVER AGAIN.
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Oh... I just thought of something!  I was thinking that it might be nice to have a weight loss accountability thread.  You know... like how we do our monday updates, but maybe also have a thread that is reserved just for US (not that I don't LOVE talking about Leighton!).  

So, every Monday (let's just say) we can share what we are or are not doing to loose weight... and give eachother support and motivation.  I know that I would benefit from something like this, I just don't know if everyone else is as comfortable sharing their info with the group.  
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Hey... don't feel bad!  I checked in to the hospital at 161 (I am only 4'11 here!!!).  I was 120 lbs pre pregnancy.  That's a 41 lb GAIN!  I am down to 133 lbs. right now.  If it makes you feel any better, I have a ton more weight to loose than you :)  Plus, I was 10 lbs. heavier than I should have been when i got pregnant.  So really... I have another 24 lbs to go.  S UCKS!

To be honest with you, I haven't done a thing to loose the weight other than breast feed.  My husband and I have good eating habits, so I really wouldn't change much there.  I really need to get a move on it because I have heard that the longer you wait to work on your post baby weight, the longer it will take to get it off.  So, I REALLY need to get a move on it ;)  Plus, we are going to Maui in Sept. and I want to get back into my bikini... so I have some serious work to do!!!
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The weight loss is terrible!  I have 30 pounds to lose!  I was a size 6 when I got pregnant and I was just at Old Navy buying a size 12...too much Culver's during pregnancy!  I'm paying for it now!  We have an elliptical and a treadmill downstairs, but Brock won't nap long enough for me to get anything done!  By the time my husband gets home, I'm so tired!  It's like working a full day!  I have been eating a lot less carbs and lots of salads!  Yum!  Hopefully it gets nice out soon so we can go for more walks!  Good luck to all of you who need to shed the lbs.!
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Well a week after coming home from the hospital I only had 2 more lbs to go............................................................................................................... then I gained 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am quite PO'D at myself, but i think werwe i was gestational diabetic/insulin controlled on a very strict diet i kinda got carried away, especially with all the easter candy out, and eating bigger portions. not to mention that i had a seperated pelvis and wasn't doing to much...but i'm back on track now walking and watching what i eat (but not dieting or depriving myself of anything i want)

***************remember**************** it took 9 months to put that weight on, realistically it should take 9 months to take it off
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