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Monday Updates

Well last night Phin did his first intentional laugh! Chris was playing with him and got him to laugh 3 or 4 times! It was awesome. ^_^

Thursday of last week was Phins 2 month appt, he received his shots...poor poor little guy. But he is good now and they didn't affect him too much. As for his stats he is now 24 inches long and 11lbs 3oz.

We are still breastfeeding and that is going great, I pump out 2 bottles a day for Chris to feed him at bedtime and the 1:30 am feeding and other than that he is a booby baby. I have found out that if I eat anything with ginger it seems to upset his tummy, which blows as I love ginger tea in the summer.

Sleeping is ok, some nights are better than others. He has changed his own bedtime to be a half an hour earlier than we had set it...no problems there!
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Blake is honestly a perfect little baby! :) I hope I am not jinxing myself later (like um teenage years) but she really is easy. We sleep from 10-7 or sometimes 8:30 and then she eats. After she eats she likes to sit in her vibrating chair in front of noggin and watch some tv shows..seriously she loves them. She giggles and squirms like she is "dancing" haha. Anyways while she is in the vibrating chair she poops (always) it is hilarious. I think the vibrations help??? Well after that we go about our day. I like to go out with her as much as possible. I hate being stuck in the house! So we go visiting mimi or we go to the library or mall. Sometimes we go to the gym and she sits in her car seat and watches me workout. :)

She has started to roll over from tummy to back..not quite mastered the back to tummy yet. She is all smiles except when I get the camera out! She just stares at it no matter how funny I try to be to distract her! She is soo fun though. I love her more each day :)

At her two month appointment (which was two weeks ago) she was 11.8 lbs and 24 1/4 inches long. I am sure she is much bigger now. Yesterday I picked her up and I was like "ok you have gained weight since yesterday!" but she is still super skinny because she is so long. :( I am working on that! haha
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Leighton 11 weeks

Wow!  It sounds like you ladies have some wonderful mile stones from your little ones!  Leighton hasn't introduced a full blown laugh to her smile yet, but she makes this squeeling noise.  Hope that's not her permenant laugh as it could be a turn off!  hahaha...

I am trying to not rock her to get her sleepy... we are working on being able to just put her down in her crib and have her fall asleep on her own.  (self soothing)  I have started with her morning nap and I will do the same thing for her afternoon nap and bedtime.  

We are still breastfeeding.  Some days though, I have to give her formula because she is still hungry after she feeds from me.  Her reflux is still out of control.  Poor baby yesterday kept projecting stomach acid.  It's hard to watch because you know it hurts when it comes up because she makes this terrible face and then does this dry cough afterwards.  Our pediatrician has encouraged us to use rice cereal in a bottle to help with it.  I was a little apprehensive because I view this as unncessary empty calories for a 2 month old.  But, we tried it yesterday and it worked.  So, maybe I will just do this once a day to give her a little help :)

She HATES tummy time with a passion.  It goes into a full blown battle, so we have given up on this.  No point in upsetting her.  But, she loves to be propped up on the back of the couch so she can look out the window.  It is so cute.  She also loves to stand.  She grasps our fingers and she pushes up.  Its hilarious!  
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hi mommas...
ok I am SO SAD today - we had Hayden's two month appt and the poor sweetie turned a lovely shade of magenta during the shots. I went in fully expecting to get only 2 vaccines...I feel this was enough for her little body at this juncture - but they pressured me for all 5 today. Why so many shots for my little peanut? So that was a bummer. She is sleeping in her crib now - but that appt was a rough one. She weighs 10 lb 11 oz and is 21.5" - so great progress says Dr. They were really happy that she lifts her head - she keeps it up when I hold her - and she has some serious leg strength which is great (I played soccer - so maybe she will too ;-)

She really is a good baby...and thanks to all of you advice - she sleeps in her crib - or at least starts there every night - last night she even self soothed.

I want to give up breast feeding at least 5 times a week - like Ovaz - feel like I am not producing enough - but I am taking the fenugreek and pumping after feedings and I think it helps.

We walk 5 miles a day and I just signed up for a baby and me core class to get my core muscles back in shape. I was losing weight - but feel like I have plateaued these days. WHY??? ARG. People say at 6-7 mark it starts melting away again - especially if you breast feed - so there is my motivation to keep it up.

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Madasyn 7 Weeks today.

I think Mady is sick or getting sick she ahs been backa nd forth between fussy and happy baby.  She has a slight fever and I have been on the phone with the dc already today.  

We don't have our 2 month appt till next Fri.  But I didnt expect 5 shots either, yikes.  Did anyone give tylenol?  Do you do it before or after?

MAdy is sleeping in her crib for naps and to start bedtime, I am trying to get her to be happy and play on her own in there and elsewhere.  She is content under her mat right now.  She is smiling all the time and Talking a lot too.  Daddy is still gone till Friday so I fell like he is missing alot of great stuff,and I could use his help too!!!

Breastfeeding is going well here I feel like that is all we do but she is happy and getting bigger!!!
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Mark will be 10 weeks old this week! He is doing wonderfully- I couldn't ask for a better baby. He coos all the time to show off his sweet dimples. He is a porker, however, weighing 12.5 lbs and measuring 21 inches! Thank goodness he likes tummy time so I don't have to hear him scream when he is on his tummy.

Breastfeeding is going very well. I did get a small infection about 2 weeks ago, but I caught it early and it was treated.

Jules- I gave Mark infants tylenol before his shots. Call your ped to ask the dosage. OUr doc sent us home with a chart telling which doses to take with certain weights.

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I am not sure about the 5 shots thing.  Leighton only was pricked 3 times, but maybe they put multiple vaccines in one shot?  Hmm... but, to answer your question about the Tylenol.  Our doctor gave us some after the shots to use if she developed a fever.  She did the first night so we gave her .4ml.  But, she didn't have a fever after that.  So, I think that they only want you to use it if a fever develops.  Of course, see what your doctor says... also... ask for a free sample of the Tylenol.  One less thing you have to buy! :)
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Jack will be 10 weeks on Thursday. We had his 2 month appointment last week. The shots were horrible. We only got 3 but there were more than one vaccine in one of them. He was also given one vaccine orally. He did great the rest of the day and the next. However, the 2nd & 3rd day after hos shots he was really fussy. He started wanting to be fed every 3 hours again instead of 4. Maybe he hit a growth spurt at the same time as the shots...who knows. Anyway, things are going well. He is becoming a calmer and more enjoyable baby. He self soothes pretty well (except when dad's heart breaks and he picks him up). I guess dealing with the crying on and off all day I am a bit tougher...sometimes. ;) Tummy time is also going well. We have our good days and bad. He still doesn't roll over consistently but has done it a few times in the past. Jack has found his hands and is starting to suck his thumb. It is really cute (and helpful when his pacifier falls out). Breastfeeding is going ok. Still dealing with a forceful let down. I bought higher flowing nipples and am using them during his bottle feedings so he gets use to a heavier flow. Not sure if it helps yet or not...we are a work in progress. I am alternating bottle and breast every other feeding. For something that is so natural this seems to be lots more work than I originally thought. Oh well...my goal is at least 6 months...4 more to go. ;)

As for me I am still trying to loose the last 10-12 pounds. I am making very very slight progress. I am starting to work on my portion control these days. Maybe that will help jumpstart some more weightloss.
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Hi Ladies!!

Noah is 10 weeks! He is smiling tons now and actually had his first giggle the other day when i was playing with him! It was too cute... he kinda scared himself bc he didnt really know what it was LOL he did again the next day... but i try and try to get him to do it more but no such luck! I am sure he will be laughing all the time shortly! He is feeling ALOT better (poor baby was sick, he had bronchitis!) and sounding better too... He loves to stand up and look around. At his 2 month appt he had 3 shots and 1 oral, I didnt give him any tylenol until after and I think the dosage was .6, he was 11lbs and 23 inches long! He didnt really get to sick from the shots thank god.

Since he has been sick it has really thrown his sleep schedule off... He is up 2-3 times a night when before he caught bronchitis he was sleeping from 11 - 5am, this has been kinda hard on me.... I am hoping to get him back on a more regular schedule.... Other than his sleeping habits now we are good! He is kinda a finicky baby tho... very fussy for most of the time..... Hopeing that soon he is more smiles than cries!
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