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Phin's fist night in his bed!

So we put the toddler bed into Phin's room yesterday, just to let him get used to it. Well last night after his bath, he climbed right up into the bed, snuggled under his blanket and went straight to sleep! He stayed in all night! Chris and I were shocked. I don't believe my little boy is in a bed...
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Wow, yeah Phin.  Make way for baby.  Best of luckwith delivery soon hopefuly!!!!!
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No way! So cool. We are having MAJOR regression issues with sleeping/bedtime. I'll do a separate post shortly - but as i type hayden is FREAKING in her crib. I want to get her into a bed but the way this is going she will just get out of the bed. Serenity now!

Kele - totally thinking of you & can't wait to hear of Zack's arrival!
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Alright, Phin!  We are officially making the transition in January.  Too much going on in our lives right now to make the switch, but I hope Leighton makes the switch as easy as Phin did... that is great!

And, Kele... good luck with the delivery!  Can't wait to "hear" your birth story :)
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