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Postpardom Belts??

I bought one of those postpardom belts from Medella that you are suppose to wrap around your belly to keep everything tight and together after you give birth. Has anyone ever used one before? Is anyone planning on wearing one? Any success with them that you know of? I understand the theory behind it but I didn't know if anyone knew of it actually working...?
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I have thought about getting one of those as well. I was watching some show on TLC, Bringing Home Baby or Baby Story, and there was an african woman that her doula recommended to bind her belly, same idea. So I don't know how it works, but I am still wanting to try it out, anything really to keep my belly sucked in after my little girl comes! :)
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Oh wow.... never even heard of it! And now that i think about it I guess it could help and does make sense..... I just might have to try one!
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I never used a postpartum belt, but I did wear SPANX Higher power girdles for MONTHS after my son was born. I LOVED them, and have purchased several for my postpartum this time around as well. The thing I really liked was that as I was losing weight so quickly (with nursing and working out) it kept me smooth and tight. When I was  finally back in my regular size my stomach looked beautiful- or as beautiful it could after a baby. You know how plastic surgeons give women girdles to wear after lipo? I think this is kind of the same concept!
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