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Potty Training

Has anyone given this thought yet? I know it is early - but I sometimes sit Hayden on the toilet seat for a minute or two so she gets comfy with the feeling of it. She recently shows detest at changing her diaper so I thought this would be a good time. I heard something about this window for kids around 14 months that show interest in pottys - but realize it is early. I am going to google some tips on training and finding out how early you can do this but wondering if any one else has ideas?
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OK scratch that - I guess I should wait another 3 months!

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We waited until Micah started to basically potty train himself- right before he turned three. I know boys take longer than girls, but honestly it is not something I would push just yet. Micah was day trained within a month and night trained within six. For the nights we just put him in pull ups until he hadn't wet them for a few weeks. Easy as pie

I read that a good indicator a child is able to be potty trained is when they can walk up stairs properly. This tells you that they have the stomach muscles needed to control their bowels.

Here is great info:
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I was totally potty trained by 18 mo.  So, I don't think that you are crazy for thinking about this now... I have!  In fact, I already bought her a little potty a few months ago... yes, months ago... I am a giant dork.

Like Hayden, Leighton has recently discovered how to take off her diaper :)  JOY!  Needless to say, I sometimes will ahve a naked baby on my hands.  Like you, I will put her on the potty (definitely not on a regular basis or anything... more or less for fun) after meals because she is super regular with BMs so I can predict when she will need to go.  She doesn't sit there very long, but just to get her used to the idea I think is good.

Our pediatrician and a family friend (who is a pediatrician in OH) have both told us to do it whenever... that there really isn't a perfect time.  The only definite thing they both said, was if it is stressful for the child than they probably aren't ready.  But that was about the only guidelines they gave us.  

A girlfiend of mine did that newborn potty training thing... and her little one is 9 months old and diaper free.  I can't even fathom the idea of that, but apparently it happens!  Also, a strange story... my parents were recently in China and noticed none of the babies or toddlers where diapers and so they asked their tour guide about it.  He said that the Chinese never put diapers on their little ones and they start potty training as infants.  Just an interesting little piece of info!

WHITNEY:  Oh no!  I am outta luck I guess with the stair indicator!  We don't have stairs in house nor do any of our friends :/  I need another way... any suggestions?
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I have been totally thinking about this lately too.  I am home for the summer so thought what a good time to get it outta the way.  My old director potty trained her daughter by 18 months also.  She gave her 1 m&m for pee and 2 for poop.  It worked!  So I was planning on getting a seat next time we went to get diapers and trying it.  She did every hour on the hour and finally it was done.  I would love to have baby 1 outta diapers before baby .2.

Ovaz- wow 9 minths what do yo have to do for that?????
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I agree, every child is different and we all just need to follow their cues.

OVAZ- My sister and brother in law did the infant potty training with their daughter. Funny thing is that it still took her until she was three to understand and use the toilet properly. She would totally walk around the house naked and just pee on the floor for a really long time. Maybe they weren't as diligent with her as your friends were :)

I really don't have any good suggestions for infant potty training cues. Seriously, for us, it was like one day Micah walked to me, handed me his diaper and told me he pooped in the potty. This happened out of nowhere, and we just decided that that meant he was ready. :)
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WHITNEY:  Personally, I think this is so out of the norm and strange to me :/  But, hey... to each his own I guess!  haha

Does taking your diaper off count?  lol

JULES:  I have no idea why a parent would do that... I think it is sort of a trendy thing to do right now... who knows?!
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Phin really doesn't show any signs of being ready yet. He could care less if his diaper is wet or dirty. He never tries to take them off. The only reason he dislikes a diaper change is he would be rather up and about instead of laying down. I hope to start trying with him next year.
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I'm right there with you Ovaz! I think its nuts. Really, in the end, it is the parents who are potty trained, not the children.
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I was thinking about buying a potty at the end of the summer and having it in our 2nd bathroom. Jack generally joins me when I go in there anyway (he still sticks to me like glue) so I fugure I can get him use to what we do and stuff like that. Jack too doesn't seem ready yet at all. He really could care less when he is dirty. Lately, when I know he has poo'd I ask him if he poo-poo'd and pat him on the bottom. He just seems to smile. I then take him to his changing table for th regular routine. I am not really in any rush right now to make any changes. With the amount of times this kid poos in a day I am not looking forward to the accidents or having to assist him 3-4 times a day...oye! I first need to work on getting the pacifier away from him at naps and bedtime. They will be gone by the end of the year at the latest....just waiting for DH to be more supportive in that arena. I don't think he is ready to deal with the crying tantrums again.
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I did buy Hayden a potty insert seat last week - only $10 at target and let her try sitting in it just to get the feeling. She loves it - I think she feels like a big girl. I'll chat it over with her ped. - we still need to go for her 15 month check up but have been traveling so much.

I'll report back....
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I have been wondering about this since i have notice that his diapers are sometimes dry in the morning, i once heard that can be an indicator that they are ready to start potty training. Carter can walk up the stairs now... but i don't think I am ready to train him yet lol
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Got Mady a potty seat for I think $10 at Walmart.  It has an insert and the regualr small potty.  She sits on it once a day or so I try before she gets into the bath because everytime I take off her diaper she pees.  Nothing yet though.  I don't want to push her just thought if it is there maybe she'll take an interst in it.  Good Luck Ladies!
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