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Random update and some momma support needed.

So Phin at 27 months old has a vocabulary of about 5 words...three of those are sound effects. We turned to a early intervention organization for help and they agreed that he needs assistance. He had a hearing test last week and failed it. My baby has not been ignoring me, he can't hear me. It tears me up inside thinking that he has never heard me tell him I love him. Ladies I need some momma love here.

He has a more in depth hearing test in about three weeks to find out what the extent of his hearing loss is and what could be the cause of it. He passed his newborn screening with flying colors so I am hoping that it is not too serious (of course)

I just am at a loss....
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Oh my gosh, I wanted to cry when I read this! I still do :(  I will be praying so hard for your little guy - and you.  That everything will be alright at his next test.  If it makes you feel any better, Adalie (March 09 baby) doesn't say hardly any words either and my son didn't either at that age, he's 6 now and talks perfectly normal.  You guys will definately be on my mind.
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Thank you for your thoughts.

We recieved the results of his speech evaluation yesterday and were told that he has a language comprehension of an 11-month-old. That was hard to swallow. But he is getting weekly therapy starting in two weeks and they seem quite optimistic that they can help him and teach us how to help him.

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I have not been on here in ages.... and when I got on and saw your post my heart just went out to you.... you and your family will be in my prayers! Just take it day by day mommy - and you will see things will start to look up - My step daughter was diagnosed with Autism over a year ago and I she is 5 - she was saying about 7-8 words at the time - she has been in therapy and it has done wonders for her! Things will look up you will see! Good luck!
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Thank you justice.

Phin's test is tomorrow (19th). I will post an update when we get the results.
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Phin passed all the hearing tests with flying colors. He has perfect hearing. So on to the next step...
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OH Yay! I am so glad to hear that! See Step by step and it will all fall in to place!!
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Hey Kele,
Haven't been on in forever.  Hows thongs with Phin?
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Well he passed his hearing tests but now he is going under the full evaluations for autism and other related things on the spectrum. I am worried but I just want our boy to get the help he needs.
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HELLO! I too have not been on in ages.....Kele - as with the other girls I am totally here for you. As parents, we learn that we can not control the destinies of our little ones, all we can do is be there and keep loving them and it sounds like that is exactly where your heart is. Keep us posted....and i promise to sign on more!
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