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I was just wondering if any of you ladies have had any luck with a certain position in bed when sleeping.  My hips are killing me!  It doesn't seem to work for me whenever I use a pillow between my knees and I wake up feeling just exhausted.  I know that lack of sleep is a part of it, but I do not remember having this much trouble with my first and I was even heavier then...Please Help!!!
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The only way I can sleep and not wake up sore is with my top leg laying on the bed and not on my other leg.  If you're on your left side, you have to kind of kick your left cheek back further, which makes you lay more on the side of your stomach. Make sure you're back's straight so it's not sore in the morning.  
The pillow thing didn't work for me either, it hurt my hips too.  I hope I explained it good enough and I hope it works for you!
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Oh honey..... I hate to say this but I dont think there really is any way to get better rest or be more comfortable! I am soooo sore and so tired..... I have tried the pillow under the tummy which doesnt do much for me.... and I do sleep with the pillow between my legs and that helps a little but NOTHING I have found can help with the hip and pelvic pain but soaking in a hot bath at night will lessen it a just a little..... Just try and get rest any way you can...... Good Luck! We are almost there!
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would you beleive last night I only got 2 hours of sleep.  It was really hard I went from bed to the couch in the family room then went straight to the living room couch again no sleep.  Went back to bed at 2 but that did not help since DH is snoring so I went to the spare room finally got some sleep but woke up super early anyway so only a total of two hours sleep for me and now I had to work.  Sitting in a recliner does not help me since I feel like drowning in baby weight and all.  sleeping on the sides does not help either I just can't breathe properly when lying down... ughh... I am glad we are almost there not only we can at least rest a bit more but we get to see our darling little ones
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I need a pillow by belly and back. then the nurse changed my between legpilloe. she got a really thick one and put it bewtween my thighs then another one from knees to calves. it really made a difference
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I have found that being on my back but propped over to the left has really helped me. So I am not flat on my back but not directly on my hip either. Also I catnap whenever I can...I figure if I am tired enough to sleep for an hour during the day I will take it. I had been putting off naps thinking they were what was keeping me up at night but really now I feel a bit more rested...not a lot but at least I feel a little human.
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thanks so much girls!  I really am going to try some of these positions!  
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i haven't found anything that makes me comfortable either, and it doesnt helpthat pelvic pain wakes me up everytime i move (and also wakes my dh as it often makes me cry out), however i have found my hips hurt less if i have a pillow under my ribs so that my hips are more straight. I have found propping my body up as if on a backrest - still with extra support under my ribs -  is more comfortable. I also have a pillow under my bump and between my legs but find they keep moving. Having a pilow behind to lean back against so not fully on my back but not on my side either also helps some nights

Wish i could have naps in the day, i've another 5 weeks of work until maternity leave
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I have to work up until my water breaks or I go into labor...I can't complain because my shift doesn't start until 300pm and i work until 1130pm, but I still have to get up with my 2-year-old daughter and play with her until it's time for work...sometimes I get lucky and she sleeps in late, but not too often....at least I get to relax somewhat. :D  

This pregnancy, he sits sooooo much lower than my first and I am very aware of the pelvic pain you are referring to!  It's very painful at times...especially if you lay on one side too long and wake up from and then have to roll over!!! Ugghhh!!!  
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grr i sleep on my sites so muh that my hips really hurt :(
but now i kind of sleep on my tummy coz my midwife (who just recently) had a baby said she used to sleep like that and it was not a problem, so im sleepin a lil bit better now
bdw im 32 weeks
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