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I am 22 weeks preganant. Towards the end of 21 weeks and also 19 weeks, I had spotting that lasted 2-3 days...dark brown or light brown discharge...both times I rushed to the emergency and the ultrasound showed that the baby was fine...it was such a relief. But doc put me on bed rest until the spotting stopped.
Anyone had this or know whay this happens? It scares the hell out of me.
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did you have sex or an internal any time leading up to the spotting? When I had some spotting - my DRs were not at all concerned b/c it was brownish discharge and light. They said it is old blood and your blood flow is so much more increased that the slightest stimulation can lead to bleeding...something could have irritated it a week or so ago and it is just now releasing.

I think EVERYTHING that comes out of our V's is scary at this point - but according to DRs it is not much to worry about - but call if you think it will make you feel better.
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At one occasion I did have an orgasm but at other 2 times of spotting there was nothing that I did that could have led to spotting. But it goes away in 2 days of rest.
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I have been having this light brown dischage every weekend...which goes away after 2 days of rest. Anybody else experiencing it? Any inputs are appreciated
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