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Sleep position

Okay Jem asked this question and I was wondering the same thing.   I know you aresupposed to sleep on your left side, not back or right side.  But I can not seem to stay on my left side during the night.  Does anyone know the reeasons for this?   Is it ok to move around all night??  I know I sound cray but when I wake up in a different position I feel like I am hurting the baby
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DH packs pillows in around me to make me stay on my left but I end up on my back, the Dr said as long as I adjust when I wake up it is ok. Don't worry too much about these things ^_^
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although left is best, don't loose sleep over it. The main thing is when we get further along is not to sleep on your back as it can cut of an artery.
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I was very concerned about this too, I always find myself on my back.... at my dr appt yesterday i asked my Dr. and he said it was perfectly fine to sleep on your back or any other way you want too, He said that your body will let you know when you cant sleep on your back anymore.... it will be just too uncomfortable... so i say if you can get rest get it any way you can!
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oh - I asked my DR about this too....she said as I get further along - and I wake up on back - to readjust. But if my hubby wakes up and I am on back, just let me sleep. One DR compared sleeping on my back to putting a rock on a hose (hose representing artery) - and other DR told me it is SO not that big of a worry. Having pillows around just make you stay more in one place though.
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I move around a lot also!  I am a stomach sleeper though.  I have more pillows than before, and I'm usually propped up on my side and lying on a pillow (1/2 on stomach and 1/2 on side).  I do not like sleeping on my back so that's not an issue.  The Dr. told me I can sleep on my stomach until it is too big and uncomfortable.
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I was told to stay off your back, and sleep on either side.  You don't have to stick to one side.  Your left side would give better blood flow due to its where your heart is.  But either side, and not your back or stomach!
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I move around a lot but try to stay on my left side which is what they say is best for baby.
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In my "Pregnancy Week by Week" book it says not to sleep on your back past week 16 because your uterus puts pressure on a large vein behind it called the vena cava.  This vein carries oxygen and nutrients to the placenta.  That is why the preferred sleep position is on your side, preferably the left.  I don't think that it will due any harm to the baby if you sleep on your right side, which I do every night.  

Again, the reason that the left is preferred over the right  is because your heart is on the left side of your body, and apparently it has to work harder to pump the blood through your body if you are sleeping on your right.  But, my left hip is sooo sore that I just can't do it the entire night.  So, I switch off... right to left, left to right to help even out the soreness!!
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a coworker of mine is  massage therapist, and of course was always told not to have a pregnant women lay on her back at all once she started to show....but then a close frined of his had complications with her pregnancy and had to move 1/2way across the country so her baby could have surgery as soon as it was born. Well all through her pregnancy she had a tone of ultrasounds done, right up to the end...some of them last for 2 or more hours...and everytime she was laying flat on her back. So if the medical profession has you laying on your back...don't worry about it too much
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