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Hey girls! :) I have been MIA for awhile I know! I probably will continue to be MIA for awhile too! I just started school again full time. I know, being a wife and mom just wasn't keeping me busy enough, right??

I was wondering what sunscreen you use on your little ones? I bought the Coppertone Water Babies waterproof,
"tear free" 50 or 70 spf (I can't remember which) because that was the only one available at Walmart when I was rushing through trying to get last minute sunscreen! I was thinking of switching to Aveeno or maybe going to the Health Food Store to get a natural product but I don't know. All I know is that it isn't "tear free"! Blake rubbed it in her eyes off of her hand and her eyes were RED for at least an hour or two. I tried to wipe it off but I don't think I helped at all.

Blake does have sensitive skin though. She had worn the sunscreen since with no problems. The trick ( I have found) is to put the sunscreen on her hands when we get to wherever we are going so she is distracted and doesn't think to rub her eyes.

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Carter had a bad reaction the other day it was either to the outdoors or to the sunscreen. it was a coopertone spray on one for babies. we aren't sure if it was the suncreen or not as he had that one on a few times before and there was no rash on his arms. but i do know that i put more on then his dad does. His nose was running, his eye were too and red, his eye brows were all red and puffy and he had a rash on his temple. Dr said to try putting some on  his back to see if it was a reaction to that, until i said he had it on his arms with no prob
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HOnestly... we just use generic.  She wears sunscreen daily with no problems what so ever.  Any time they rub their eyes, sunscreen or regular body lotion, there little eyes will become red and irritated.  As long as it is 50+ SPF and it is PABA free (that is what irritates their sensitive skin) we buy it... brand name or not :)  I guess we have been lucky, Leighton isn't sensitive to soaps, lotions, foods, etc.  She does have mild excema (not sure if I am spelling that right) but it that is hereditary from her mommy : /
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