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Time between naps?

Phin gets up at 6-6:30 takes a mini nap (1/2 hr) after nursing then is awake from 7-7:30 until 10-11 and naps for 2 1/2 hrs then is up again and goes back down for another nap between 2 and 3 and is down for about 1 1/2 hours and he is back in bed no later than 7.

So he is sleeping 4-5 hours of the day...does that sound right? I am just curious to other babies schedules as far as naps.
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Awww Toes I know how you feel! I work all week and miss knowing what my little one is doing.... and the only schedule I know for sure is the evenings and weekends.....

I think Noah takes about 2 naps a day sometimes 3 if his afternoon nap is too early......and he will sleep normally about 45 min in the morning and the afternoon nap is normally a bit longer 1-2 hours..... he is not a very long napper LOL
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You are all so lucky to know the ins and outs of your babies' schedules!  Now that I am back to work, I don't have that anymore!  Brock usually takes a morning nap for about 1- 1 1/2 hours and the same in the afternoon.  Some crazy days are 2 1/2 hour naps, but just one of them.  On the weekends he takes about two 2-hour naps if we're home and hanging out.  All bets are off if we're out and about!
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Carter is usually only up for 2 hours in between naps which can last up to 2 1/2 hours but sometimes can just be 1 hour or less.
wake at 6:30
nap 8-10
nap 12-1
nap 3-5
bed at 7
or it can be
Up at 7am
nap 9-11
nap 1-3
nap 5:30-7
bed at 8:30

oh and he usually wakes up around 5:30 every morning and we bring him into bed with us
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Hayden is up at 6:30/7 am and goes down at 9 for a 2 hour nap. In the afternoon she does another 1.5 to 2.5 hour nap - usually around 1:30 or 2. Bed is at 7 pm. She is pretty routined now with this - and i'd say 5 out of 7 nights sleeps through the night. If her afternoon nap is on the early side, we usually stroll around 4/5ish and she will cat nap for 30 mins.
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Leighton takes 2 naps a day... but she never sleeps longer than 2 hours.  Here is a summary of our sleep schedule:

7am- wakes up/bottle
10am- nap (ranges between 45min-1 1/2 hrs)
2pm- nap (usually between 1- 2 hours)
7pm- bedtime

So, on a typical day she sleeps roughly 2-3 hours of day light.  She used to sleep 4-5 hours during the day, but not since she was maybe 4 months (ish)?  But, she has never been a dynamite napper :)
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