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What does your child do when he/she get frustrated or upset?

I am curious to know what our little ones are doing to express their frustration or discontent with us.  Leighton does a variety of behaviors

1. Hits
2. Pinches
3. Bites
4. Hits her head
5. Pulls her hair

The last 2 things seem so strange to me.  But, I suppose that since she can't verbalize what she is upset about she has to do something physical.  Anyone else's kiddos do those things?
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Oh man...Phin is the king of hitting himself in the face when he is mad. He also slaps at us, the dogs, the cats and his little friend Molly. We are starting to do time outs for him when he hits. He gets put on the couch for one minute so he can calm down, and then he can get down again. It seems to be working a little. He pinched me for the first time this morning...little bugger, that hurt! Luckily he is not a biter...yet?

I can't wait for the time when he can vocalize his emotions more instead of physically acting out.
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Hayden bunches her hands into fists and screams. Also if she does not want to be picked up she goes "stiff as a board" and I lose all leverage under her arms, where I usually pick her up - she goes straight. She does not hit (yet) but has on occasion lied on the floor to make a statement. We pay it ZERO attention.

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Mark hits me in the face. We have started putting him in "time out" in his crib for a minute when he hits as this is a bad habit. Lets see, he also yells at you... in gibberish :)
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Okay, as I am reading these, I am laughing out loud.  Is that bad?  I am just picturing all of our little ones doing these things and something about it is humorous to me :/

Good thought, ladies, on the time out thing.  Crazy as this is going to sound, I never have thought about that before.  What are you saying and doing for these time outs?  
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We isolate Mark by putting him in his crib for one minute. That is it. I just remind him,gently, that we don't hit and place in there. He HATES it, but I cannot have him slapping me whenever he is mad!
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Ovaz- it is horrible in the midst of a tantrum, I have to remind myself that this is the only way he can convey his frustration.

When I put him in the time out I tell him why..."Phin you are going to sit for one minute because you hit momma and we do not hit." if he gets up I put him back without saying anything. Once he sits for the minute, I tell him again that we do not hit and then I tell him I love him and give him a hug and he is free to go.
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Same here Kele!
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Ladies... thanks for the suggestions!  

Speaking of tantrums... bath time, which is normally relaxing and enjoyable, was anything but tonight.  She had a full blown tantrum.  Throwing toys around the bathroom, trying to pinch and hit my face, etc.  So, I just told her that bath time was over because she was throwing her toys and hitting me.  Pretty much that meant that she screamed at the top of her lungs and thrashed her body.  Funny thing is... I have not a clue what triggered the whole episode :/  Thanks for the suggestions... time outs will now be introduced starting tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  lol
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In the past few weeks Jack has definitely become more "vocal" in his displeasure if he doesn't get what he wants. Right now he just screams when I take something away or move him from a location he should not be playing in. I think screaming is just Jack's forte. He was a screamer from birth so I guess that is what I get. I guess the terrible twos are creeping up on us fast than we know. From my friends of slightly older children I hear consistency is the best thing and most important for us to keep our cool....something I am working on.
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Carter hits but he also yells BA BA Ba BA. especially when i say no to him
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