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and he walks!

Wow its been a while since i posted much. Last sunday Carter took his first solo steps! It was awesome, my parnets hwere here and he walked from my dad to my mom without any encouragement! The only sad thing is that my inlaws just missed it... they came to "visit" stay 5 minutes and didn't even come in past the kitchen door...their loss. They said they moved home to be closer to the grandkids they should have said they moved home to be closer to 1 grandaughter and not the 2 grandsons. My mom-inlaw works 2 blocks away, gets an hour for lunch and told me 8 weeks ago she's be up to see him. I'm over, i don't care what they do, between my parents and our neighbours..he has more love shown to him them lots of kids.
I can't beleive how much Carter has grown up in the last month. Once he hit 1 it seems like time is flying even faster. His favorite word righ now is "tickle tickle" and loves to tickle your feet. It is so funny. He says "kit" for cat... and dog... and bird...but he raises his finger up to the sky when its a bird lol. He's doing much better with eating it can still be a strugle though. Bread (whether it is plain, toasted, buttered, jam, cheesewiz, peanut butter) is always a standby when he won't eat. Chicken nugets and fries are his favorite! we do try to limit the junk he gets, but i do give him soft baked oatmeal or apple cookies pretty often. He still has 3 bottles a day (2 of soy formula 1 almond milk) and then water inhis sippycup. He doesn't drink enough from his cup and gets dehydrated if i try to take his bottles away. His napp schedule is kinda messed up, sometime he only takes a morning nap but this week i've got him back to an afternoon one too.

AFM- WOW its been a rough couple months, i went to work at a call center and the first 4 weeks was training...at night, so i was exhausted being with Carter all day then in class all night. When we went on the phones it wasn't too bad, i handled it for 3 weekd. But I quit on friday, it was way to stressful. the abuse we have to take is unbelievable. It was making me physically ill. So we did our taxes (in canada they are due by april28) and we're get back a decent refund, enought to cover what i made on mat leave for 6 weeks, so thats it I quit! Things still aren't good with me and hubby, if there was no little boy invovled i'dbe long gone. We havne't had sex in over a year :( and i have no desire for him to touch me. i keep asking him to moce to the spare room and he will for 1 night and thats it. i don't kow what to do, but feel so stcuk, especally if i want to go back to school in the fall
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So exciting about walking! I remember feeling like I just watched him reach the moon not just walk to daddy.

I am so truly sorry about what you are going through with your husband. Is there any chance of a fix or repair?

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Congrats on the walking! That is such an adventure!

I am also sorry to hear of your marital woes... that must be so hard. Have you considered going to counseling?
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Yay for Carter!  That is such a great feeling as a parent when you see your child walk for the first time :)  

And, that is rough... counseling may help.  Have you discussed divorce or are you too scared to bring it up?
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Over the past few years i have asked several time to go to marriage counselling, but he won't. For the last 6 months i have told him that our marriage is beyond repair and have asked him to move into the spare room. He just ignores me, he doesn't think naything is wrong. We can't afford to seperate or divorce. I feel so stuck
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Yeah Carter.....  Ugh honey I feel for you I hope that somehow you can find peace...
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Way to go Carter!! I got Blake some squeaky shoes and those really helped her walk all the time! They are the best reinforcement ever! :)

I am so sorry to hear about your marriage. Having a baby can be really hard on a marriage and it is somewhat common for some marriages to fall apart after a kid. (not that having the child was the problem..but the stress that big of a change can bring...)Counseling would be ideal but that is tough when one refuses to go. Good luck hon. I hope you two can work something out, whether that be divorce or some way to salvage what you have. The most important thing is to remember Carter. Two unhappy parents together isn't necessarily the best thing either. Keep us updated!!!
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