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anyone considering home birth/birth center?

i'm wondering if anyone else has considered this?
i'm pretty uncomfortable in medical settings in general, and if my pregnancy continues well and without abnormalities, (hopehopehope!) i want to look into options besides hospital delivery. does anyone have experience themselves with these birthing methods?
i really like the idea of a comfortable environment, and my home is only about 5-10 minutes from the hospital, and i know that some women need to be transferred.
eager to hear stories!
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We considered a birthing center, but I would be way to uncomfortable and paranoid that if something went wrong and MD would not be immediately available.  So, personally, we are not going to go that route... we are going with a hospital.  Our hospital has large rooms and many of the rooms have birthing tubs.  So, we are comfortable with that :)
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we used to have a hospital here that had birthing rooms with tubs, but it just closed down!! really bad timing, right? that would have been ideal for me.
i'm very bummed about it! the only hospital in town now has no tubs or extras, and the laboring rooms are very small. :(
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Booo... that is a bummer!  Well, hopefully if you do go that route you will really enjoy the experience :)
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We are going to a private hospital because they have really nice private birthing rooms. They are as un-hospital like as you can get. You could look into one of those? I definitely would want the security of knowing that if something was wrong with either me or my baby that a doctor could take care of it right away!
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I am 12 weeks and this is my first. We decided on a birthing center. I looked into a hospital but was really unhappy when considering all the unnecessary interventions and how impersonal it all seemed. I have been very happy with the level of care thus far. The midwives have performed all the standard lab work and exams, they also took the time to explain to me in great detail everything they were doing and why they were doing it. Most importantly, they let me make informed decisions about what I choose for me and my baby. They never rush me out of the office or give the impression that my questions are silly. Simply put, they have been very good about getting to know me and I have never once felt I was jeopardizing mine or my babies health. I think you should interview some midwives and visit some birthing centers in your area to see if it feels right for you. Best of luck and congrats on your pregnancy!  
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I am 13 weeks along and my husband and I have chosen a birthing center to deliver in. This is our second baby, and I delivered our first one naturally so I know that I will be fine in a birthing center. If you do not want to use a midwife because you are worried about having a MD near, many doctors can become certified to deliver in birthing centers..... I think all they have to do is fill out some paperwork.
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