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diabetes test

hi everyone!
i failed the initial glucose test last week....:( so i have to go in on friday for the fun 3 hour-take-your-blood-4-freakin'-times-test.
has anyone else taken it, and been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? just curious. my count was 150 when i failed the initial labs.
this really *****, and i'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat!
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I failed the initial one too.  its because I ate chocolates and tons of rice (rich in sugar eek!)  I was stressing about it that I ended up eating all the wrong stuff a few days before.  I was warned by my doctor to stay away from sweets and rice a few days before but i did not do it.  so I failed.

I had to redo all the test but this time its harder because there is a 12 hour fasting so I had to go to an early morning appointment so I fast in my sleep.  they took blood sample as soon as I came in and then had to drink the yucky super sweet juice and keep it it for an hour, then they take some blood again,  then i had to wait again for another hour for them to take another blood sample. so total of two hour wait time before you can eat or leave the lab because there are women who faint or gag after they drink the super sweet juice.  I am sure you will be fine just bring a book to entertain you for two hours or bring a friend to chat with or bring DH even.  I havn't heard from my doctor yet since I did it in december before the hollidays I am hoping everything is fine.

good luck on your test and stay away from sweets a few days before getting tested.  that is what my ob said.
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I failed the initial test, too. The cutoff was 139 & I failed with 141. It was our work holiday party that day & of course I wasn't eating what I normally eat, plus I had 2 bites of cherry cheescake & 2 cookies.....anyway....

The 3- hour test was a hoot (NOT!) I could not have anything to eat or drink from midnight  on. They took a fasting blood draw from my arm to see if it was ok to give me the glucose drink. I drank the stuff (it wasn't that bad) and had additional blood draws at 1, 2, & 3 hr intervals. I was able to get my results right away. They were:

Fasting 101    Should be <95
1 Hour   177    Should be <180
2 Hour   141     Should be <155
3 Hour   102     Should be <140

It also states on the results that 2 OR MORE VALUES ARE NEEDED TO BE MET OR EXCEEDED IN ORDER TO DIAGNOSE GD. So I thought I passed.

The nurse practitioner from my OB's office calls me later that afternoon to say that because I failed the Fasting test, that I am automatically diagnosed with GD. Needless to say, I was pissed!!!

I honestly don't think that I have it & from my experience with this so far, I am believing that this is an EXTREMELY overdiagnosed condition.

I had to meet with a diabetes educator last week. I can have 30g of carbs at breakfast, 60g at lunch & dinner, & 30g for 3 snacks per day. Of course you have to check your blood 4 times a day & exercise at least 20 minutes a day.

1 hour after meals BG should be under 140 which I am way under. Wake-up BG should be under 95 which I"m between 88 & 94 most mornings. I've also lost 1.5 pounds since last week because of my restricted diet. I was told last week that this was normal and today the lady told me that it was not good that I lost the weight. What the hell do they expect???

I met with an educator today for my 1 week follow up & she told me that she wants to start me on insulin. I was like, WTF???? My BG are all within the allowed ranges. I argued with her and refused the insulin. I've been reading up on it and insulin can produce toxins which are harmful to the baby and also a bunch of other things. I am well within my weight gain goal and everything is fine. I do not need to inject myself with some kind of **** that could possible harm my baby. Screw that.

This is a huge pain in the *** and while I wouldn't trade being pregnant for anything in the world. The odds are that if I were to have another baby I could be "diagnosed" again with this & it has seriously caused me to think about having another baby.

Good Luck.
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My initial 1 hr glucose tolerance test results came back as 135 and the doc said that I am in the higher side of borderline. The borderline ends at 137 according to him. So he ordered a 3-hr test today. I did not have much info about it...but still fasted for 9 hrs before the test and did not dring or eat during the test too. Felt so dizzy during those 3 hrs and I hated the lab technician who kept pricking the same arm coz he said the vein was much better there.
Anyways have just come back from the test. Hope all comes out fine. I have 2 worries though:
1. Was 9 hrs of fasting good enough?
2. I drank a glass of hot chocolate about 9 hrs before the test...is that bad?
Will the above affect my results?
I did not know until now that after the 2nd test they rate you as GD....I am worried not about my second results
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I go an auto matic failure. they tried to control it with diet for the first few weeks (in hospital which is much easier then trying to do it at home) but had no luck so i'm now on 2 types of insulin. luckily my baby hasn't gotten to big yet so they are not worried about that. I did however have a 4lbs gain last week alone but had lost 5lbs the first week i was in the hosptil and gained 0 the next.
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