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how do we count back from our sono due date?

Whens' my ovulation date when my due date by sono is march 23, 2010? Ive been having irregular periods within the last few years due to depo provera. I was on it for almost 7 years since 1999; got off in 2006 to let my body adjust to normality. I was "living the single life" with protection but sometimes I wonder if there would be some kind of  men would be spiteful or loving enough to end my carreer with getting me pregnant without my concent? Just like there women out there who would do that to men out there which I'd never do without thier concent..In the meantime I was in a deep relationship and started dating other people with him being totally aware of it.(Open relationship)We both were! and so well not really sure when I have ovulated due to my irregular periods...Sometimes it would come  1 wk early this month and a whole week late the next for about 3-4 years with occasional spotting. My period came down on 6/15/09 whos to say I ovulated back two weeks in May.  i was religiously taking depo consistantly within my grace period of 7 days of last injection every 12 wks but never used my grace after 3 days. It took 3 years to become pregnant after depo!  Im not pregnant with the man who I loved so much and feared to death of. Im thankful. I dont think hes happy that I moved on ...though.. thanks for sharing your comments...
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