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nipple soreness

just wondering if anyone has or is experiencing severe breast tenderness and/or nipple soreness. my nipples are so sore, it hurts to wear a bra and i'm 18weeks. i'm afraid this will last through the whole pregnancy and at this rate i won't be able to nurse because they are too sensitive for the baby to even put it's mouth on it. does it go away before the baby is born? any suggestions?
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I think this symptom varies from woman to woman.... Mine were sore up until 15 weeks and now have gotten better BUT it comes and it goes... Somedays there fine and other days there sore again! so I am sure things will get better soon!
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My breasts and nipples have good and bad days. (Like me! haha) I noticed one day that my nipples hurt soooo badly when they weren't in a bra. (Like at night when I put on my sleep shirt) but then the next day they were fine. If wearing a bra hurts you I would check to make sure you are wearing the correct size. I know we all have grown and will continue to grow and wearing the wrong size bra can be very painful (and you might not even know that is the problem.) I also had a friend that when she got pregnant the only type of bra she could wear was a sports bra...

Good luck! I bet it will get better though.
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Hi! My baby is due March 1st and this is my first pregnancy. Yes, my boobs hurt. They have just gotten so big, that they are painful. My nipples aren't so sore mostly but are very sensitive. My breasts are just tender and ichy all the time. Part of the gig I guess.
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