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Sad news at Ultrasound

So today was the day to find out the sex of the baby but instead I found out sad news.  The u/s tech seems a bit nervous and practically ran out of the room at one point to get a dr. I became nervous and the dr said there were a few cyst on the kidneys and the fluid around the baby was low. He said that baby cant urinate because of it. I have another appointment tomorrow with my dr and we'll see what to do.

I just cant stop crying it just seemed like a death sentence. I saw the heartbeating pretty good 158 but it hard not to think the worst. Every since I got home I've been on the internet trying to google it and see what was anyone elses outcome. This is the worst. Also because the fluid was so low she  couldnt tell what the sex of the baby was. The baby measured 18 weeks or so and I'm 21w3d. My last two u/s I measured right on target. It's going to be hard next 24 hrs.
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I am so sorry that this has happened. I cant even imagine how u are feeling right now. I did see this on med help. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Re-Kidney-cysts/show/916372  ;
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I hope everything is going to be fine and you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. ((( hugs )))
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I am really sorry  to hear it...Do you know if the kidney cysts and low amniotic fluid are related? I am sure your dr will have a solution for it tomorrow. Just keep taking a lot of fluids as everyone says. Everything will work out. I am praying for you and your little one. Keep us posted.
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I will have you in my prayers. leave this to god he will take you under his wing and he will protect that baby. we will think positive so that way everything comes out good. im sure this baby will be fine, try to keep calm and just pray. Everything will b ok!
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I'm so sorry to hear.  I hope everything works out.

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I am so sorry that you are going through this! I will be praying for you & your baby! Try & keep calm (EASIER SAID THAN DONE! ) but it only stress's the baby out more if you are stressed out! Have they told you to try & take more water in. The lady that just took my 3D4D Ultrasound told me to drink 2 quarts of water a day for a week before the ultrasound. She said it would make me have more anmotic fluid. Keep us informed.
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Thanks to everyone for your thought and prayers, however things arent good. We went to the drs and they looked over the pictures and confirmed the worst. The baby has several cyst on both of the kidneys and can't produce urine. There was no visable bladder. Since the baby couldnt produce urine there was no fluid around the baby and the lungs cant develop without it. Also the baby cant move around because of the lack of fluid so the muscles and nerves cant develop properly. Bascially there is no chance the baby will survive. So I'll be going into the hospital by the end of the week to deliever the baby. Im too sad right now and I'll just take a little time off from medhelp.

I was the community leader although it wasnt formally announced yet but I'm sure they will pick someone else.

Thanks again for everything!
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I am so sorry this happen to you. I can't hold my tears while typing this message. Be strong, give time to heal yourself. Take care!

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Please know you are in our thoughts at this most difficult time. Take all the the time you need -- and know we're here anytime for you.


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I'm so sorry girl ...
Did the baby just develop the cysts in between ultrasounds? I thought you said the baby was moving a couple of weeks ago, right? And I heard that a lot of cysts disappear over time...maybe there's still some hope, I'll keep you in my prayers.. be strong!
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Sent you a message already....THinking of you!!
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I am so sorry honey (((((((hugs))))))))))))
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your little sweetie ;( You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers...
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My heart breaks for you right now... wishing you and your family much strength to get through this and much hope for the future..  we're all thinking of you..

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Losing a child was devastating at 12 weeks, I can only imagine it's many times worse this far along.  Take care of yourself and I wish you a quick an easy delivery of your sweet baby.  Feel free to tell us about it when/if you feel like sharing.  I'll always "listen".
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i am so sorry to hear this. God will definately wipe your tears with a bundle of joy in no time. stay strong for it is well
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I am very sorry to hear this, you and your family are in my prayers...
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