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Baby Lauren is here

Hi Everyone.  Baby Lauren is here after quite a marathon to get her here.  The birth ended up being completely different to what I had planned and hoped.  But we are both fine now.

Following is the story of her birth.

I started having regular contractions last week wednesday 21st March. These continued through Thursday afternoon and so about 3 pm I went to the hospital with still regular and painful contractions. They confirmed I was in labor and was admitted.

By Thursday night they started oxytoxin as I was not dilating and no progress despite contractions. 4 hours later I was dilated to 6 cm and stuck there.  They stopped the oxytocin about 4 am in the morning (no progress further than 6 cm) to allow me and baby to rest.  Obe told me she would usually do a cs by that stage, but I begged her to let me keep trying to have the baby naturally - as long as baby was looking ok.  Friday morning they did a biophysical for lauren and she passed with flying colours.  We rested all day Friday with no change in dilation.  I walked and walked  but stayed at 6 cm, wth regular contractions but no progress.

By Saturday morning still no progress and I already knew we'd most likely be doing cesarian, even before I had talked to my Dr. Fetal monitoring showeed baby's heart rate was dropping and with low variability.  They repeated biophysical. Baby not moving much (only 3 sluggish movements in 20 minutes and she didn't respond to the bell at all, amniotic fluid down. As soon as I got out from the U/s and back to the high risk pregnancy unit they told me I had a cesarian scheduled in the next 2 hours and they started preping me and doing all the paperwork / anaesthesiology clearance, etc..

Into surgery at 1pm.  They did spinal anaesthetic and I declined sedation.  Wanted to be totally awake to welcome my baby. Totally surreal being operated on while awake - but no pain.  Dr. took 30 minutes to get in.  I heard her say "I'm in".  then... "oh!  No wonder".  she then described that Lauren was totally tied up in the umbilical cord: over her shoulder around her back and under her arm - like a seat belt tieing her to the placenta.  She couldn't descend.  This is why although i was 6 cm dilated for 2 days, the Dr. had been unable to feel Lauren's head.  Finally on Saturday 24th March at 2pm Margaret Lauren was born.

Lauren came out screaming heartily.  She screamed for about 15 minutes and finally when we got her calmed down, she latched like a pro.

Dr. told me there appeared to be no way Lauren could get out by herself, and there really wasn't anything that could have been done different to change the outcome, which without a cesarian could have been catastrophic.

I really didn't want a CS and am so glad we tried everything - with careful monitoring - to have a natural birth. However am so glad it was available and we are both fine.

She weighed in at 7lb and 6 oz, just under 40 weeks gestation.

I managed my own blood sugar up until NPO prior to the surgery. They tried to give me oxytocin in dextrose until I caught it and asked them to check with my endo. Then it was changed to saline. They put me on iv insulin and alternated saline with dextrose as my blood sugar was swinging up and down (totally expected with such a regime).

In the recovery room they were monitoring every hour. Anyway, started feeling shakey and checked with my own meter. low! Told them and they checked. Low! Told me they had to wait for instruction from the endo. 10 minutes later I called them and told them they better do something NOW or I would faint - my vision was changing. They then did something and gave IV sugar.... I am sure all the IV insulin took time to catch up. I was then on dextrose all night and not running high at all... to my surprise...

Was really dizzy after the surgery and they also found I was anaemic.  I will have to take it really easy to recover for a few weeks...

Since then am monitoring blood sugars (not much food yet). A bit high, but not terribly. I guess it will take a few days to shake out and settle down.  But I fully expect I will still need insulin long term.

Just started walking yesterdday evening... still quite painful, but improving by the hour. Will be discharged on Wednesday morning.

Am so grateful baby and I are fine.

Am really grateful to my obe for being so patient, supportive, and monitoring and taking care of us both so well.

She called baby Lauren a true survivor.  This baby is a femara baby.  She was conceived on my 6th IUI attempt, after 3 miscarriages.  Barn when I am 41, sister to Michaela, 3 yo.

I am truely blessed. .
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Oh Lord, Sally, what an ordeal.  Thank God we live in a day and time, where c-sections are available.  It literally saved Lauren's life.

I am so sorry you had to go through all of that, but so glad it had such a happy ending.  Lauren is a miracle baby, from conception to birth.

I pray that you will heal quickly, but also pray that you don't overdo.  I know you as a person that is not one to sit still for long.  You also like to do things on your own, so I worry that you won't ask for help when you need it.  You literally are "super_sally."

As I have said and many others have said; you certainly make beautiful babies.  I hope that little Michaela likes her new baby sister.  I think that she will be alot of help, by getting you a nappy or anything else you may need.  She's such a loving child and I can't wait till Lauren is old enough to sit up and actually play with her older sister.  For now, we all will enjoy Lauren as a newborn, because they already grow up too fast.

Congratulations little mommie.  You were so brave, even though I am sure that you were terrified at times, throughout the whole process.  I know I sure would have been.  Great job, Mom.  I hold you in high regards Sally.  I'm glad to call you my friend.  I am the lucky one.

Hugs and kisses to you and the girls.  What a beautiful little family you have now.  Tell KM, I said that he did a great job too.  Hugs to him, also.

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