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i really have been thinking about it, & i dnt think i want an epidural i want to go natural ... how many of you are going natural or actually want an epidural .. if there is something else than tht injection in the spinal that yrs later will have me suffering of back pains than ok but an injection? no way!
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Hey i've has the eipdural its actually not that bad the needle doesnt hurt at all and it reliefs a lot of pressure for when its time to push... but if u plan on going natural prepare your self to relax and be calm I here its a lot of work but its all worth it in the end
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My friend's sister inlaw had a horrible experience with the epidural. She ws hospitalized for months. My mom tells me not to get it. She had 4 kids without it. I think i can do i am my mothers daughter
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I had an epidural with my daughter... And I plan on having one with this baby. It's been almost 3 years and I don't have any side effects. If I remember right, my back was sore for a bit, but nothing long term.
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my mom had 4 also lol no epidural .. i was born in Puerto Rico & over there itsreaaaally rare to get an epidural when ever u want unless u have a c-section so ima try go natural with Gods help ! kinda of a long way to go yet lol March 15 is my due date
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This is my second baby, my first is right now 8 months old.  I got the epidural with her, and will definitely be doing it this time as well.  I was in so much pain, I cant imagine doing it without the epidural.  Best thing to do is talk options over with your doctor they can really educate you on different things.  If you do go natural then I give you props!
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I loooooved the epidural and my entire birthing experience. I went into labor at night, walked into the hospital and told the ladies I didn't want to feel a thing. I slept through contractions had my baby at 1 the next day pain free. I dont see how anyone would go natural when they don't have to. I will definitely receive epidural with this one. It will be two and a half years since by the time I have this baby and I have had no back issues or weird side effects. I think epidural has been around so long now, similar to LASIK that if there were more bad stories than good they'd have done away with it a long time ago. But, its your birth, experience it however you wish.
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I labored naturally for 31hrs. It was not that bad!  I was determined to go natural but I ended up needing a c section and had to have epidural. My first is such a blur. I barely remember holding her. With my second I didn't have an epidural I don't remember what it was though. Labor was so quick with him. He flew right out lol
Im not sure what Im doing this time! Im older,more tired these days haha

Having been on both sides of the fence I can say both have their pros and con for sure
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If you want to do natural childbirth look into taking the bradley method classes. It teaches you how to have a natural birth without the fear and pain. Also read mind over body. I love the class I am taking and they teach you about all the drugs they try to give you and the harmful affects they can have.
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My mon had 8 kids all natural. I had my two boys all natural and my second I was induced so the pain was eveb worst. All I did was concentrate on something that helped me a lot. I don't plan on getting it with this obe either I really don't want a catheter inserted ib my vagina lol thats why I don't get the epi. Ahahah
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