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OB Scare Tactics/Induction Rant

Have y'all had OBs guilting you into inducing? What can we do to address this worldwide "daylight obstetrics" convenience issue? If they wanted a 9 to 5 job, they picked the wrong career.

Inducing labor should only be done if medically necessary - Something most of us have read. Yet, I hear more and more that OBs appear to offer an induction for Mom's convenience. Do not be fooled. If you have a healthy pregnancy and didn't request an induction, it is for the doctor's convenience only. It's about time and money. Every drug they give you, every device they use, every staff person that walks in costs money.

My OB has a rotating schedule, so I had to see a different one this past week. After meeting with me once and barely glancing at my chart, she decided that I needed to schedule an induction by Friday 3/14/14. My due date is 3/9/14. She actually complained bc they had to scheule it for 7:30am instead of 5am. I realized I'd been steered off of my natural birth plan with scare tactics on the ride home. They're giving me a hard time about cancelling it. All these hoops to jump through. I have to have the OB's permission to cancel.

If you want to go naturally, stick to it. If they pressure you, remind them that this is ultimately your choice. Educate yourself and let your OBs and nurses know what you've learned. No one should have to argue to get the birth experience that they desire. I WILL seek out a midwife/doula and birthing center next time around.

Unfortunately, I know I'm not the only one who's being pressured like this. They've left me feeling like I'm doing something wrong by wanting my baby to come when he's good and ready.
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Everyone is different. And yes if you dont medically need it and you dont Want it let it be known. Its also not a good idea to go to Long after due date.. Such as going passed 42 weeks, thats when your placenta is at risk of dying and that causes serious complications. I personally dont mind Being induced, i was induced with my first and am Being induced next week. I have big babies.. my first Being 8.12lbs and this one estimated to be over 9lbs so im okay with it.
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I was induced on 3/18 & my due date was actually 3/25...This was my 1st time being induced & I was glad bc I didn't want 2 go another week...way 2 many problems especially the hurting...or I'd still b prego bc I had 2 get 2 pills 2 thin out my cervix...He's a healthy 7 lbs 2ozs...Good Luck mommies
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I cannot help but to address the comment in "Ntrinaculookin's" post, even though I am 10 months coming into this post.  You stated that you'd "Still b prego bc I had 2 get 2 pills 2 thin out my cervix" but what I'd like to let you know is that is very common when your body wasn't due for another 7 days (At least) and therefore wasn't naturally preparing your cervix to thin out.  When your body naturally prepares the cervix to thin out, it excretes oxytocin to the body which causes the cervix to soften and dilate and causes the body to just "Know" it is time for labor. Had you waited rather than induce, there is a great chance your body would have done what it is trained to do hormonally when it is ready, and no pills would have been needed to trick your cervix into dilating before it was ready.
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I agree with Wusamama and expectantlaborservices. Wusamama, there has to be a way to cancel your induction. I bet that OB is wrong, or whoever said you need the OB's permission to cancel.

This is why I am using a midwife and delivering at a birthing center. I hope everything works out and your baby can come naturally when ready.
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Just noticed this is a really old post. Weird that it showed up in my feed. I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful delivery.
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