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Very insecure. 8.5 weeks now after 4 times a miscarriage

Hi all

Not a native speaker so forgive me my mistakes. At the moment 8.5 weeks pregnant and had the first ultrasound last week and it showed a beating hearth!! A big relief after 4 miscarriages in the past 2 years (went wrong with the first ultrasound or even before). Although we had great news I can't enjoy this pregnancy (yet). Any tips how to get past my insecurity?
I already have 2 sons so I know I'm capable of having babies but still there is a voice in my head telling me this pregnancy also will go wrong.

Thanks for your advice!
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I'm sorry to hear about your previous miscarriages. I'm 8.5 weeks along too. I've been nervous about miscarrying but my doctor said it is out of our control for now. Try meditation, light exercise, or some other activity you enjoy to help you relax. Good luck!
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I had a miscarriage it was terrible I cried for weeks and I got pregnant again but couldn't enjoy because I was so worried but I pray pray pray and pray. Try not to worry about anything unless there is something to worry about. I know it's hard but God is good Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy
Thank you. In two days we have another ultrasound hope that give me a bit more piece of mind!

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