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Don't feel up to sex.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  My son was born in May so he's almost 6 month old and I just haven't really been up for any messing around.  As a matter of fact I've really just wanted mt husband to leave me alone.  I love him very much and think he's a great father.  I need room to breathe.  How do I get him to understand?
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I believe it's a very normal thing. With the hormones still getting back to normality, specially if you breastfed!!! (I did for 4 months) and the very demanding 'job' of being a mommy!... no wonder why?! plus, added bonus: we 'are responsible' of keeping house clean, cook, do laundry... drive kids....

There is no way at the end of the day anyone with our lives would be like 'so, sweetie... where were we a year ago???'

Very normal! =))
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I am going thru the same thing.  I don't know what happened to me after having Steeley.  I have absolutly no interest in sex.  If you figure out what to tell your hubby, let me know.
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