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Addy is crawling!!!!

Well she is now a crawler! I look for her to be an early walker! She is such a little monkey! Seems like it took her forever to sit, now she is just doing somthing new everyday. She was blowing kisses last night which melted my heart! Well she was "mocking" the smooch sound at her Daddy, it was too cute!

How are the rest of our babies coming along?
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Reece is a lazy boy.  We sit, we roll, and we do the "swim" motion to scoot around and we have 3 teeth...that's about it for right now.  Reece will get up on his hands and do a side motion rock back and forth.  He may be mobile soon, but Mommy isn't ready to put all the "breakables" up just yet, haha!

How are things going otherwise?
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madison is still not crawling she is still just rocking back and forth when she gets on her hands and knees lol but sitting up and all very well....eating alot now haha how are things with you and your husband going? hope things are better and all is going well kiki
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She has not yet "mastered" her technique, I told Jeremy by Christmas she will have it completely figured out! OH FUN TIMES!
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Kyra is sooo close to crawling, but can't quite get her arms and legs to work together!  Even though she isn't crawling yet she is SUPER mobile, she scoots all over the place.  She is still trying to get her first tooth, the very top of it is through, but it has been that way for almost a month.  She went to get her flu booster today and she is 17 lbs and growing like a weed!  That is too cute that Addy blows kisses, i can't wait til Kyra starts mocking everything!!
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Brielle is not crawling, she kinda tries to move forward but nothing , she then rests her head down and starts sucking her thumb.
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madison can not crawl still haha she moved backwards great just not forward except for maybe one move forward then she stops and goes down to play with her toys haha
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