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May Mommies Stats! Whos a may mommy, when are they due and what are they having

This is just for fun! I thought it would be cool to see how many may mommies there are on medhelp and what their stats on. Its also a great way for us to get to know eachother.
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this is what I have so far.....

hkenny-         may 15th           chinese gender prediction was a boy
Kikicoates78  may 11              girl
Clairelou88     may 19              boy
Indeeyah        may 12
Jen133                                    boy
Njrohe                                     girl
Krushing                                 girl
foo803           may 4
Jen7900        may 31-Twins
Christina81    may 26
Cammi 722
Lovcer                                    girl

please add yourselve and fill in the blanks!
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I hope evryone jumps on board this could be fun!
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youve filled in mine :D thanks!
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I'm due on May 6th.
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I did the gender chart on 2 separate websites; one said girl and the other said boy. Maybe I'll have one of each?!?!?
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due may 10th don't know what i'm having yet...hoping for a girl
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I'm due May 1, 2009 but we know how that goes.  I may have a Mother's Day baby :-)
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I'm due May 11th and I don't know what I'm having yet.  Hoping for a boy!!
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I'm due May 23 and you already have what the chinese gender test said I was having...Girl!
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my midwife is saying may 20th now cofusing!
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I'm due 12th may but always have to be induced so I go to 42 wks usually, but we'll see!!
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im 11 weeks due 5th may ,not sure how to do the chinese test! lol ;-)
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hkenny-         may 15           chinese gender prediction was a boy
Kikicoates78  may 11              girl
Clairelou88     may 20              boy
Indeeyah        may 12
Jen133           may 11              boy
Njrohe           may 6                 girl
Krushing        may 23               girl
foo803           may 4
Jen7900        may 31-Twins        1 of each!!
Christina81    may 26
Cammi 722
Lovcer                                    girl
Kim2781        may 5
mandy38       may 12
Nina1172      may 1
tarrah87       may 10

16 and counting! so far may 11 and 12 have 2 mommies due!
hopefully i didnt miss anyone! if you would like to do the chinese gender prediciotn just type it into google and it will come up, its just a fun thing. for those you who are finding out the sex we will post that later!
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so i guess we should all introduce our selfs! i will start...

My name is Heidi and I have been married for 5 years to my wonderful hubby, this is our first baby together as my husband has an 11 yr old ( he was 17) We started trying in July and got pregnant on our 2nd try in August. I know we are truly blessed by this. I live in Fort.Saskatchawan Alberta Canada.
My syptoms so far have been crazy!  I never believed all this could happen so fast! My boobs hurt like all the time, my face has broken out, I have had nausea and heartburn. Food cravings and food adversions. I have also noticed I am very tired!  My first obgyn appointment is November 6th, it seems so far away!!
I came across medhelp before we were trying and it has been a wonderful resource, its great to talk to women who are going though the same things.
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Oh yay!!  I was hoping we would have intros!!

Well, I'm Joyce and I've been married to my husband, Nick, for 3 years.  This will be our second baby.  Our first, Luke, is now 1 1/2 years old, and we also got pregnant on our second try.  Luke was a surprise, so we have been very blessed in the fertility area.  I live in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.  

Symptoms have been pretty mild this time around, much different than with baby #1, so I'm thankful for that.  Just some mild nausea and tiredness, but as a stay-at-home mommy of an almost 2-year-old, who wouldn't be?  :-)  

My next appointment is for a 12-week ultrasound on October 23.

I came across medhelp during my first pregnancy and found it to be an invaluable resource for support and answers, so I'm back for round two!!!

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Oh...thought it might be nice to know ages .... I'm 27.
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hiii im claire and have been with my partner (graham 28) for just over 3years, we will get married oneday in the future! This will be our first baby and first grandchild on his side :)
very exciting!
I had the implanion in for 3 1/2 years and had it remover in May thats when we decided TTC, happy it didnt take long with such irregular monthly cycles :D
We live on a farm in England.
Will be getting our 1st u/s in 3weeks (12week scan)
Came across Medhelp googleing "implantation bleeding" and it kind of stuck to me!
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I'm Kristy and I'm 28.  My husband of 4 years (4/24/04) is Heath and he is 31 (32 in December).  We met on a blind date in June, 2001 and been together every since.  We live in Alabama.  This is our third pregnancy.  I had a m/c in 2006.  We weren't really trying and I was on the pill.  It was a blessing in disguise.  Heath, from day one, thought everything should be planned.  So, his plan was to have kids after 8 years of marriage...yeah right.  We compromised at 5 years.  Heath decided he was ready October, 2007 and we both decided we'd start the first of the year (2008).  Well, I stopped the pill the first of December and got pregnant on that cycle.  I had a EDD of October 5.  I began to m/c that baby at 6w1d.  Started with spotting, so I rushed to the OB and she scanned me and said baby looked great with a heartbeat.  No need to worry.  I completely m/c'd 4 days later.  After disbelief that this happened, OB didn't have any answers for me and referred me to a RE for further tests.  After all of our tests and a bunch of money, everything came back fine and dandy.  RE gave us the go ahead to try again May of this year.  I wasn't quite ready.  We tried June and July, and got nothing.  August we put everything in the back of our mind and didn't really stress over it and got pregnant.  Now, I'm 8w3d and everything is perfect.  I get weekly u/s with my RE.  Which I love.  I go back to my OB on October 29 and will get an u/s then as well.  I'm due May 23, 2009!  As far as my symptoms, I'm tired, nauseated, my face is continuing to break out, and my BBs are full and still sore.  I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with all ofyou.  Medhelp has been great.  I came here with my first loss in 2006 and been here ever since.  Congratulations again to all the May Mommies.  WE DID IT!!!!
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I'm 37 years old, Two children- son:14, daughter 11.  Been in a loving relationship for over two years with my soul mate who has three older children from a previous marriage.  We are blessed with a miracle baby because I had tubal ligation surgery done 7 years ago so I couldn't have any more kids.  This was definately a surprise for us, but a welcoming one.  I'm 11 weeks preganant as of today and due May 4th, 2009, which I share with a few of you.   This pregnancy has had its ups and downs, but I'm praying all goes well.  It's sure nice to share our pregnancies together and if anyone wants to chat you know where to reach me.  May God Bless Us All!

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OH this is fun! I am Keisha, I will turn the big 30 on the 8th of November! My DH Jeremy is 31. We have been together over 7 years, married just over a year. We had been TTC for almost 5 yrs. I have 2 boys from a previous relationship 14, and 8! YIKES! Talk about starting over! This is his first child, and first grandchild on his side, his poor mom thought it would NEVER happen :) I am a nurse and I love my job, I am currantly still in school working on another nursing degree :) I have one more year to go! WOOHOO. I recently cut my hours back at work to 20hrs, to focus on school, and baby. I plan to be a stay at home mom for a while, finacially permitting, (Thank you DH!) We were released from our RE and we see our OB on the 20th! Things are going FABULOUS!!!
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Hello ladies,
I will write more about me when I get time, but i wanted to participate quickly about the sex of my baby- the chinese prediction chart said I would be havin a boy- which is totally weird because thats what i feel like i'm having!! Anyhoo-mark me down for a boy! GOOO BLUE =)
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Hello- Im 20 (21 in December) & am 9 weeks. I randomly found out I was expecting when I was at the hospital for strep/tonselitis. I hadnt been trying to conceive & was shocked bc I have been on birth control for years and never miss a pill. Im not too excited for this. My xbf is 24 & no longer wants to even be my friend bc Im deciding to keep the baby, but Im gonna try to make the best of things anyways even tho I am def not excited for this. Im going to school for premed & have a 4.0, but am now getting a little nervous for my education. I was given this website by my brothers gf who found it useful when she was preg with my nephew.
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Hi Im due May 30th. Not sure if it is a boy or girl yet but I have a 17 and 12 year old girl so im hoping for a boy. This is my miracle baby. I had my tubes tied after i had my 12 year old. I found the man of my dreams a few years ago and we got married. He had no children so we decided to have a tubal reversal and try for our own. 9 months later I was pregnant.
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I just want to welcome you to this forum, although most of us have planned our pregnancys i am sure we can all understand how hard it would be if we hadnt. as far as your x bf goes, it takes to to make a baby and if hes that immature than do you really want him in your life anyway? i think it shows what a great person you are that you have decided to have this baby, and although the road might be tough i am sure you will find as your pregnancy progresses that everythingn happens for a reason. please feel free to message me anytime if you just need a friend.

tneely74-congrats and welcome!!!
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