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OMG........so i just found out yesterday that i am having fraternal twins!   I had an ultrasound on saturday, and we only saw one sac.  So sunday night came, and i spotted very little. SO i called my doc, and he scheduled for another ultrasound first thing yesterday morning!  So went in, check me out, and i saw it immediately. There were two sacs!!!!  Baby A has a heart rate of 135 bpm, and the other has a heart reate of 128 bpm  Both heart rates are strong, and normal. So everything looks good so far!  I just cant believe it! I am still in shock.  :)   I guess this is god's way of making up for the miscarriage the first time. WOW!!!!
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wow!! double congratulations! ;-) that must be so exciting! i haven't had an ultrasound yet,but dont think it will be twins! did you have any idea,or increased symptoms etc..?
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no, i had no idea. I feel totally fine. The only things i feel is fatigue, slight bb pain, and slight headaches. Other than that, i feel completely normal. I didnt have a clue. That is why i am even more surprised!!!! I dont even feel pregnant!
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Wow!!!! Congrats!! That is awesome!!!! Now you have double the joy!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What an exciting time! Was it a natural cycle, or did you do IVF? Just curious!
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wow!!  i bet you were suprised! so just normal symptoms then, just curious!;-),never had twins! so excited for you! how far gone are you? xx
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This was a natural cycle. NO IVF or anything.  Twins do not run in my family, my hubby's they do. But i am the one who released 2 eggs.  Its so weird.

My symptoms are very very normal. I dont even feel pregnant.  My only symptom is fatigue, headaches, and tender BB's.  Thats it.  Well, so far.
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How exciting! This will be a fun journey!
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CONGRATS on an extra wonderful surprise!

You'll have double the fun!!
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Melli - congrats mama!! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling well. I did IVF and have my first u/s tomorrow to see how many babies we have. I have been feeling totally worried because I have barely any symptoms as well but my hcg numbers were quite high. My EDD is May 31st, so that makes me about 6wks, 2d. I just hope the symptoms stay away!!!

Congrats again...how exciting!!!
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good luck with the u/s :)
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yay twins!  so jealous!
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WOW Congrats, that is so exciting
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congrats twins will be so much fun.
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