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Questions for those having boys!

For us mommies to boys...please share how far along you are, how you are carrying and what's going on with your rear side.

I'm 32w3d today and I am stuck straight out in the front, I use my belly to prop a plate on when I'm in the living room eating and watching tv.  But, I promise my bootie is like a WIDE LOAD!  My hips have spread so much it seems like.  No one else can notice it, but I do.  So, I don't know if it's in my head or if it's real.  Is this a boy thing or is this normal for all pregnancies?
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I'm 33w1d today.  I'm also stuck straight out in front and I'm all belly.  I have only gained about 10-12 lbs and it's just where the baby is.  As far as my rear side, my tailbone hurts a lot and also my pubic bone hurts when I make certain movements.  He has also recently started trying to claw his way out through my right side and my ribs!  OMG it hurts so bad that I have to stop, hold my breath for a sec, and let it pass.
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I think its really not related to whaether your carrying a boy or a girl, I think it just depends on your body, I'm carrying a baby girl but my behind has grown sooooooo much, and its not just me, my 5 year old girl asked me the other day and said since the baby is in your tummy why is your bootie growing too?  I didn't now what to say?!!
I joke about it somtimes and tell my friends that since I got pregnant via IVF and they returned 3 embryos back and only one got implanted, I say that I think the other 2 were implanted in my two hips (lol)
my belly is I think average not too big nor too small. but it is stuck out front too.
anywho I guess we'll just have to tolerate the way we look the comming few weeks, then join a losing wieght forum after we give birth...
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That is something we can help each other with in the May Baby 09 Maternal Forum
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Looking forward to it...  ;)
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I am having my 2nd boy and am 30 weeks 5days and look huge. I've gained 12lbs and it's right in front, I asked my husband the other night if I looked pregnant from behind and he said surprisingly, no. When this little boy pushes up right in front, man it hurts. I can't believe it's almost time for our little men to be here.
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I am carrying a boy also.  I am 34w 4d and I think he's dropped a little bit.  Everyone says I'm "all belly."  My butt got a little bigger, but really not noticeably.  My belly has never really been high enough to prop my food on or anything, but now that he's dropped a little, my belly is at a downward slope angle, so it certainly wouldn't hold my plate.  
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im carrying a boy!!! 33wks 4days i think im carrying low and infront if that makes sense! have a look at my belly pics on my profile,i havint gained any weight anywhere else apart from my bump which is great!!! i cant hold a plate on my bump though it slopes down abit!
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Well, apparently what I see and what others see is not the same thing.  I think I'm huge, but everyone I talk to says I don't even look pregnant unless I face them, because I am all belly.  I know it has to start dropping because I've got a lot of pressure down below and my pubic bone hurts when I walk...and as I type Reece feels like he is digging farther and farther down, which doesn't feel so well.  But, I know he is like me and moving around trying to get comfortable.
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