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I brought Brody to his pediatrician last week because he was very congested.  After a nose swab was tested it was determined that he has RSV.  Since it's a virus it can't be treated with antibiotics, so she instructed me to get a cool mist humidifier and keep his nasal pasages clear by using saline solution.  The only symptom he's had is the congestion.  There's no fever, coughing, mucous coming out, etc.  Well tonight he woke up for his feeding and choked several times on the mucous that must be in his sinus cavity or chest.  It's also harder for him to eat because he can't breath right.  I'm going to try a nebulizer tomorrow and see if that helps.  Have any of you had to deal with this or anything like it yet with your newborns?
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For the first couple weeks after having Kyra there were a couple times were she would start shoking out of nowhere on mucous and what looked like really thick saliva.  One day it was to the point she couldn't breathe and i was beyond panicked!!  When i spoke to her ped. they told me her body was still trying to work out left over liquid from being in the womb.  So hers wasn't due to being sick, but it is still very scary.  I hope Brody starts feeling better really soon!!
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Addy was sick for about 2 weeks, she was very congested, but as you know nothing can be done. I called her pediatrician but didn't take her in knowing she wasn't fevered and probly just a yucky virus. She would get to the point where she would throw up the mucous. Very thick and stringy. Hang in there it will pass, as you probly know just monitor his fluid intake closely, make sure he is still peeing alot! It is very easy for these little ones to become dehydrated. Also try to elevate his head when he sleeps if you havn't already that will help keep his nose clear.
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Thanks for the advice ladies.  I have been elevating his head pretty much since birth just because I thought it'd be more comfortable for him.  And he pees ALL THE TIME!  LOL!  How does so much fluid come out of something so small!?

He seems to be in a much better mood, but he's still pretty congested.  Hopefully it'll pass soon.
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How long it took to get rid of virus? my daugter is 4 weeks old and she got RSV. She was hospitalized for 3 days and was being monitored for her oxygen levels. She is still coughing a lot and its hard to watch her. Doc said it can take upto a month or 2 to fully recover.
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