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Thank God I'm Home!

Hey girls, Just an update to tell you I'm home after being completely terrified the past 2 nights!

I started having contractions Tue. night and they did not stop until 8 am Wed. Well they started up again at noon, a little harder and more patterned. Well by 1pm I was like maybe I should time them, they were 10 min. apart for an hour they kept up so I went to the hospital and called my Dr. They continued to be consistant just not real long, so I knew it wasn't enough to promote labor yet, but freaked out that it's still so early. At around 6 I talked my OB into letting me go home, he did an U/S to make sure Addy wasn't in distress and made me go back in this morning, the contractions have slowed to just one an hour or so, but now I get to be on bed rest.... BOO :( But as long as she stays in there I'll do what I have to.

It's crazy you know how much at this point we don't wanna be pregnant anymore, but the thought of having her this early yesterday broke my heart into peices. We fall in love with them so quickly and I couldn't imagine her not being born well. Anyhoo I was scarred out of my mind, so it's off to being the good little patient and doing as I'm told. No more working for me, boss ~  like it or not! :)
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I'm sorry you have been going through that! I had no idea. How scary. You be good and do what they say, and keep her in there! I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and vibes!!
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that is so scary... thank the lord it's under control and your getting plenty of rest!  Take good care of yourself!!
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You must have been scared, but I am glad that so far everything is still okay.  I'll be thinking about you and Addy and hoping she doesn't make a premature entrance into the world.
   Enjoy the bedrest and stay positive.
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Girl, we've been wondering what was going on.  VERY scary!  Glad things are somewhat better...hate the bedrest part.  But, you don't have that much longer and like you said, we do whatever we can to make sure our little one's bake long enough!!!!  Glad you and Addy are ok!
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Thank goodness you are and Addy are allright!! We missed you around here. Being on bedrest would suck but it will be worth it in the end. NO shopping lady!! LOL>
take advantage of the time, when she is here there will be no bed rest!!
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so sorry you had to go through that i hope things go well for lil addy and she can remain in there just a lil bit longer. bedrest S-ucks i know but as long as you have a healthy lil girl that's all that matters. good luck.
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Hang in there!  And stay positive!  Even worst case scenario, her chances would
be very good!
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Oh my, I'm sorry Kiki.  Just follow the doctors orders and don't do anything!!.  Keep her in there for a little longer.  

I know this might sound stupid coming from me that I already have one child, but how do you know when they are contractions? I get pain and my belly gets really hard, but then they stop, but sometimes I get them in m bakc only.  What can this be?

Is good to hear that you and Addy are OK though, keep us posted.:-))))
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Thank you ladies! I feel much better after some sleep, and I am very positive that all will be ok!

hkenny ~ funny that DH stressed that point too! LOL

I'm just gonna take it easy, and just stay on here and bug you guys all the time! LOL  The boss is being a total BBIIAATCCCHHH!!! I mean I know she dosen't have kids so has no idea, but she's acting as if I'm putting her out??? WTF? I told her when I was 12 weeks to start getting ready for this, I mean hello this is the 3rd time around, having the same issues. It's not new that my body dosen't do late pregnancy well. GGRR.. OH well she has to get over it! I'm covered by law for at least 12 weeks anyways!
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Sorry you had to go through all of this, but it is just Addy's way of saying it is time to slow down an take it easy...You gotta keep her in there for a little longer :)
Hopefully from this point on things will go smoothly for you and just remember how worth it she is!!
I'll be praying for ya!!
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Jen133 ~ When you really have to worry is when they are patterened, like mine were all inbetween 10-15 min intervals, now I have them frequantly, but when the start being regular you need to get intervention, they might not be quite hard enough to promote labor but they can escalate rapidly, Don't take chances this early, Now if I was 35 weeks I probly would have waited b/4 going to the hospital, but at 29 weeks I was not risking it! You will know trust me.
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I'm glad you are ok and back home now. i'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest.
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