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Transverse lie baby

Hi ladies,

Im sorry i have not been here in a while. I have been in the hospital. My baby suddenly changed from chephalic to transverse position at 34 weeks and they decided to keep me in. Now dr thinks its unlikely for the baby to turn back head down now that i'm 38+5 days because of the size of the baby. she now weigh 8pounds 4oz. they plan to do a c section on wednesday and then i will be 39+2.
This is my first baby and i'm  scared because drs keep telling me that transverse baby is very uncommon in a first time mother.

ladies, is there anything i should worry about ? do you have any experience of a transverse baby ? pls throw more light. (risks ets...)
please keep me in your thoughts and prayers
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I dont know the risk but i was told in my prenatal class that getting on all 4's and rocking gentle for 20 minutes a day can help move the baby. they said that in the old days there never seemed to be a problem with transverse or breech babies and now a days there are lots, they chalked it up to women washing floors. anyways its worth a try. I hope everything works out for you! keep us posted.
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they should have tried to turn the baby, mine was transverse until 32 wks, but turned.  Sometimes they think that there may be something in the way which is stopping the baby from going head down and that can be the problem.  There is always time to change, the baby can go head down in labour, but if the c-section is planned and you're happy to go along with that, then you won't have that opportunity!  Good luck and at least you'll have your baby soon!!
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We will be praying for sure.
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I would say you have nothing to worry about. I have had 3 sections and have recouperated quickly with each. Sometimes babies just want to do things their own way. Good luck to you, and I hope all goes well! ((HUGS))
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thank you all for your encoragement. Wednesday is only round the coner. Iwiil definitely keep you posted.
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