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Water broke in hospital... Details later!!!
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how exciting!! i love coming on and seeing things like this!! cant wait to hear all the details!! Hope everything goes well for you.
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excellent news... so exciting, can't wait to hear more!!  good luck!!
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woohoo so exciting!!
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Yay Jen...Nicole may be our next baby!!! Can't wait to hear!
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I love seeing these exciting posts!!!  I hope all is well and can't wait to hear details!!
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OH my goodness... how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why not me!!!   I'm the 38 weeker here!!!
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LOL njrohe!!!  You better get to some extracirricular activities...LOL!
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congrats that's so exciting can't wait for more detials!
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OOHHH Maybe she is here by now!  
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hmm surely baby is here by now, cant wait for us all to get to see pics and here the story.
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So exciting to have our babies start coming.  We are 1 for 1...a boy and girl delivered.  Baby Nicole will be our tie breaker.  But, the boys were always out numbered anyway!
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so far we have 2 boys, noah and browyn and little addy as the only girl so far, so it will be a tie again after nicole lol
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That's right, I forgot about fawn's son, noah.
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