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What do you feel when baby is head down?

I mean like what do you feel or don't feel? I hope I'm making sense.  I do get this nerve pain in my left thigh, that has stopped at all.  I especially feel more when I'm walking.  Sometimes I touch my belly and in the upper part of it I feel this hard, bumpy part, I don't know if it's her butt or head. She hardly kicks, she does move, I mean whenshe does I feel and see my belly shifting from one side to the other.  And when I do feel a little kick or punch is on the side or on top of my belly.  I babrely feel anything down at the bottom.  

I just need some answers because I am so uncomfortable, and everytime I call my OBGYN he says is normal! Please ladies help me :-(
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I remember feeling constant pressure. Like I had to spread my legs to walk, LOL As far as kicks go head up or down her legs could go anywhere, Addy is breech but she has one leg up with her foot over her head, and one down under her bum! So I get kicks from both directions, When do you see your OB again? I would be very inquisitive next visit, make him give you some kind of answer!
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Thanks Kiki.  I'm just not feeling so good.  I see my doctor again on 3/27.  Just now I felt this pain that in my "you know" what and then it kind of told my butt to join in on the pain, lol.  Like someone was pulling some nerve or something.  I still have numbess and tingling, but now I'm getting it every night around my lower abdomen.  I'm just so tired of the pain and uncomfortableness (hope that's a word)LOL, see I can't een think right.  I'm forgetting a lot of things!!
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My son was head down and this baby head up, these are some of the differences I've noticed:

Head down --- most movement felt above the belly button, lower back pain, an obvious waddle when you walk/feels like a canteloupe is between your thighs.

Head up -- most of the movement below the belly button, fewer aches and pains, you continue to walk normally (no waddle)
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So i think my baby is head up still from what you are saying.  I had a lady at work tell me how nice i was still walking the other day :) How far along can i get before the chance of her turning get pretty slim?
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ive heard if your baby still hasnt turnt by 38weeks it still can be manually turned by midwife or someone professional, they kind of have a technique to try and turn it from the outside, Ive alsoheard most babies done actally turn till around 35-36weeks not sure if thats true lol! anyone know?
i defiantly know Alister is still breech, i have his feet kicking my bladder all the time! and his heads near my belly button i think!
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Well I still waddle!! LOL My husband says I look like a penguin when I walk!  HA but her little butt is right up against my cervix, and remember I also get bladder/pelvic kicks! She is I guess practicing early to be a cheerleader with her split!

Yes they can try to manually turn them sometimes it works, sometimes not. It is also very uncomfortable.
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Well, I'm defitnately strating to waddle more.  I try to walk regular, but it hurts.  All the movement I feel is above my belly button and on the sides.  I posted in the other forum and someone said to push down on the hard bumpy part that I felt and if I felt her whole body move then she's head down. i did it and right away my whole belly move.  Both sides moved at the same time.  It was funny.  I am also getting more aches in my lower part and specially my back.  I guess there is a possibility that she is head down.
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Ok so it sounds like even if she isn't head down right now that i still have plenty of time before it is time to worry.  
Its great that you think baby is head down...Now you can relax and enjoy that last couple months w/o the extra worry!!
I read Jen's post in the other forum and someone said that you would be able to tell if you felt the hiccups in your pelvis.  Well that makes complete sense, but i feel them in the middle of my stomach on the far right side almost towards my back.  Is that weird or normal???
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they can try to move the baby from the outside however it is very painful my doctor said. my baby is still breech and he gave me the option to have that done if she is still breech at 36 wks when i have my stitches removed but i don't think i will. there is only a 70-75% chance baby will flip, very painful, can cause distress, and it requires two doctors they literally have one up at top by babies head and the other pushing babies bottom in same direction to see if baby will flip.
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that does sound very painful and not ideal for poor baby.  I just pray and hope our babies turn head down!!
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yeah sounds horrible! hope they all turn too andthen wont have to deal with the stress
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yea i def think i'll pass on the trying to flip baby if she doesn't turn then i'll just be getting a c-section lol
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wow... that is crazy about the flipping thing.  I have no idea about my little Asa... I feel him "kicking" and moving mostly in the upper half of my stomach, but then it will feel like he's moving his entire body around and then I'll feel as if he has 15 arms and legs... there is something big on my right side under my rib and he keeps getting that particular part of his body right under the rib cage, when I push it out, he'll try to get comfy again...

I was planning on asking the Dr. about it at my next appointment (the 13th)... but who knows if he'll be able to tell...

Maybe he'll feel enough compassion for my little worrying mind and give me a brief u/s to see how he is laying right now : )
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Mommy2B51209 - HAHAHA!  I think we're having the same kind of "15 armed/legged" baby!

Mine's been head down for a LONG time now.  I feel kicking or maybe punching (who knows what theyr'e doing in there) all over my belly; at the top, bottom, and out both sides.  He's a very active little boy!  I guess if they can turn head down until 38 weeks then does that mean they can also turn head up?
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My doc told me that after 34 weeks, there is only a 5% chance of flipping, but prior to that the odds are pretty good.  But it is possible for the baby to flip right up until the day it is born.
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I think they CAN turn head up, but I don't think it's normal.  Babies WANT to be head down.  It's nature.  My baby and kiki's both flipped in these last weeks.  My son was head down practically from day one.
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I am 36 weeks and I have read all these different forums and posted and never got any answers so I'll try again.....

Ok, I'm 36 weeks along like I mentioned and my baby is head down and I am 1 cm dilated and like 75% effaced. This is my first pregnancy and my contracions are pretty regular from time to time. Last night they were 2 minutes apart and lastedfor about a minute. My doctor said they were braxton hicks, is this true? And how much longer til I can hold my baby?? And ideas?
Hi hun if theres no pain with the contractions its 100% braxton hicks but if your already dilated you could well be in slow labour ,i slow laboured for 3 weeks with my second and when d day came well i dodnt even make it to the gospital my baby was born on my living room floor cause as my waters broke my baby was out 5 mins later
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My baby is head down but I  never feel her head move should I be worried
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Am 35W pregnant.I only fell my baby movement at the left side of my stomach ans sometimes at a little bit under my abdomen.what does the positin seems like?
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