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don't know what's going on

ok so i am so confused about so many things... i was suppose to start AF on nov the 25th well on nov 15th i thought i was gonna start early bc i had some pink spotting one time that day never started, so nov 25th came still nothing. my period has been irregular some since havingmadison 7 1/2 months ago. i was on bc for 3  months and stopped taking it bc of it making me sick and wasn't regulating my period like i wanted either, i have always been on 28 day cycles... since stopping the BC i have been up to a week and a half late but right now i am almost 3 wks late, wed will be 3 wks. i have taken 3 pregnancy tests all negative, i thought i was going to start today had some pink spotting once, and again nothing. i am so confused do i need to call and set up an appt to see what's going on or what? when i was pregnant with the twins i was 2 wks late b4 getting a pos test so i that's y i've taken 3 already.... any ideas or inputs would be great! thanks ladies.
i FINALLY started today almost 3 wks late, i'm going to make an appt with my obgyn doctor to get the implant i think to see if it helps ne but the pills made me sick .....thanks
or so i thought i started i had a lil bit of blood earlier and now NOTHING.... guess i'll be calling the doctor tomorrow.

*******************sorry i had this posted in preg forum and only got one response from one person so deleted it and copy and pasted in here haha ********************* i am so CONFUSED!
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i havent had a period since we got pregnant with brielle....I did do a prego test but nope. I guess b/c I am breast feeding I am still not ovulating. I can see how frustrated you are tarrah, i wish mine would come so i dont have to keep wondering!
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Yeah sounds weird, I've been back to my normal cycle since Addy, I would def. try to figure something out.
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haven't called FINALLY STARTED 2DAY but very irregular. i am going to call the doctor at the first of the week so i can talk to him about the implant to see if it is going to work or not and cost and etc. thank you
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Hey, I was just checking to see if you called the doctor to check on things.  I was on BC before trying to get pregnant.  I started back on BC at my 6 week pp checkup but quit after a week of taking them.  I was feeling bloated and having break outs.  I never got back on any other protection, we just use condoms.  Before Reece I was 28 day cycle...now I am starting every 23 days.  It's weird.  But, as long as I start within a reasonable time I'm not going to worry.  Let us hear from you whether or not you started more or if you called your doctor.
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