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losing the baby weight

Hey Ladies,

  So I was wondering if any of you ahve tips to losing the baby weight. Brielle is 2 1/2 months and so far I Have lost 30 pounds from the last weigh in before delivery. Which is great.....however I think I gained like 45 pounds!! I have noticed the lose is slowing and really dont want to keep on this extra 15 pounds, never mind that I could have lost 20 pounds before I got pregnant.
Truth be told I am depressed about my body, I hate being over weight and I cant stand to look at myself. The stretch marks arent helping. I was so incredibly swollen near the end that I have stretch marks on my calfs, they are gross. I cant wear shorts and its 30 c here!! I also have a freinds wedding in august and dont have a clue what the heck I can wear, I am so embarrased. Can I wear pants to a summer wedding?
I would love to go shopping to find some clothes that fit it seems everything is still to small or to tight or shows my mommy tummy, or its prego cloths and they are to big and sloppy looking. but I dont want to buy new cloths for 2 reasons.....having cloths that fit may not motivate me to lose the weight and if I do lose the weight I'll ahve new clothes that dont fit.
I cant diet b/c of breastfeeding. So I guess I'll have to get off my lazy butt and exercise................BLAH
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if you can get on an elliptical, it is very low impact cardio!  won't feel like a hassle to work out on it.  also an excercise ball is a great way to restructure the abs.  but i'm on board with kiki about a cute cotton dress.  find something with an empire waist and rouching at the waist this hides flaws very well.  also steer clear of sleeveless but look for a nice cap sleeve or even 3/4 length sleeve.  i'm trying to just find clothes that fit my new body so i won't be so sad about missing my old body : )  good luck
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I also don't have much advise, just try not to be so hard on yourself...It took you 9 months to gain the weight so it may take some time to get rid of it.  Also i have heard that weight watchers has a special program for breastfeeding moms.  Also, breastfeeding has really helped the poounds melt away for me, so keep with that and that should be helpful.  I just try to stay active without doing any heavy duty exercising.  We take lots of walks and its enjoyable and helpful.  Good luck hun!!  You'll get there just try not to stress too much about it.  As far as stretch marks i ended up with a couple, but they will fade with time.  I have been told to try Mederma if they are really bothering me, but i haven't tried it yet.
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I wish you the best, I kinda just got over it after my 1st son, of course I gained like 80 pounds!!!! I lost 50 of it at first then found it all again plus some. :( I never really gained with Addy b/c I was so fat to start, I did notice though after I had her I felt as if I were starving. I probly gained a few, so the fact that you have lost all but 15 pounds in VERY impressive! I'm proud of you, it's really hard.

How about a flowy mid-calf cotten dress? I went to a wedding last month and I wore one, very cute, comfy and cool. It's the perfect time to find one ( clearance sales) Don't beat yourself up, look at them as beauty marks, look what came of it!
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i have no tips at all sorry. i gained a total of 25 pounds and lost 15 then gained 5 back and i can't seem to get rid of this last 15 pounds and not only that, i got so huge and looked so huge that i have tons of stretchmarks, my stomach is covered in them, and my freak*ing stomach hangs down a little bit which didn't before. i just started going to the gym but its kind of hard juggling gym, work, and madison and school in august. so idk lol but good luck and plz let me know if you find ne good tips.
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