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the 3rd trimester crank forum, please complain all you want!!

Well here it is ladies, I figured with our last few posts we need this!!

I'll start, I cant sleep, I dribble pee when I sneeze of cough,I feel like  the side of a house which makes everyday things unpleasant. I cant seem to have sex as it is uncomfortable and my dh informed me this morning that my downstairs has changed.......not sure what that ment but with being sooooooo hormonal it pissed me off. I cant walk around for more than half an hour b/c my back hurts soooo much and my feet and legs swell up like balloons. I can no longer wear my wedding rings, I cry over stretch marks when I know there is nothing I can do about them, I have tried every belly cream on earth and known of them make a bit of difference. The smallest things irraate the **** out of me......for example my husband playing guartar hero right now, if only I had a gun...............

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oh wow hkenny...as far as the swelling and such.. i havent gotten to that point yet, i dont know is 24 weeks 3rd trimester yet??? getting pretty close though. i can feel ya when it comes to the man in the house... my bf goes and either sleeps all day or plays on computer all day/night. i wouldnt mind a gun myself... you use it and pass it along ok?  lmao
this lil lady is constantly down low and with a hernia it isnt real comfortable...if she stays down that way i am afraid that bedrest might be iminant...ugh constant heavy feeling and i think there might be some bh contrations going on... cause when i get stressed my belly will tense up (not painful or anything) and since i have never had them with any of my other kids... it is kinda weird.
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HAHA This is great!
hkenny I am with you, I love to shop, it's kinda my release. well THESE days I walk around for 30min and I ache all night long, DH laughs cause he says we are saving money!!! I could slap him, he dosen't get that it is my coping vice!! I had to yell at him last night for not having the little things done in the nursery, he said honey it will only take me a couple of hours for all of that.....WELL DO IT THEN!  Why wait till the crib gets here and you have to do it!

My boss has completely struck the wrong chord with me lately, I told her when I was 12 weeks that I would eventually need to go to part time b/c usually my B/P and body turns to poop at about 20 weeks. Well She was all for it, she didn't tell me at the time that I would lose all of my sick time that I had been saving.... like 3 weeks worth.....thats several thousand dollars! She was like oh that's policy! I was furious. Well Jeremy said It's no big deal we hadn't really planned on a paid maternity leave anyway so whatever....point I'm trying to get to, now at 28 weeks, we still don't have any help, yeah she took my full time status away and enough hours to make it legal, but still no help. ON top of all that she put me on 2 night shifts a week! GGRR... See I am a nurse in the community so I have to travel to my patients home to give them medicine, well to say it nicely most of them live in rat holes, that are not safe for anyone to be walking up to at night let alone a pregnant girl. So I think I'm just gonna go completely off after this week. I just feel so guilty b/c the other nurses have no help and they are already having to work OT to cover my old shifts. BUT I do feel like I gave adequate warning.

OK I feel better ~ OH one more thing, my pants don't fit anymore :( LOL
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i have just been very aggrivated lately, not sleeping well AGAIN, i am getting to the point were i just hate coming into work each day i just wanna lay around at home. my feet and legs swell up like ballons as well. i have been very bitter and yelling at my bf bc i feel like all he wants to do is stay cooped up in the office and browse the net and play his stupid lil video games it drives me nuts. i yell at him for it and he gets mad bc really it's nothing new but for some reason the past few weeks i drives me absolutely insane and puts me in a P~issy mood. plus i can't have ne cokes unless diet and i hate diet drinks everything i drink has to have splenda, no choclate except for sugar free, which is nasty... i'm dying on this diet bc i can't eat ne of my cravings.... and worried about my brother and his girlfriend, i feel like my house is a mess and that my bf never helps do ne thing i have stuff in the nursery but not done painted or organized, just in middle of floor for now, and bf doesn't want to move his junk out of there yet and i think i'm done rambling for now.......... lol
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i really want to moan and join in  but i really dont know what to moan about hmmm :S i'll have a longer think!
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ohhh and i feel HUGE, look huge, and have so many stretch marks its crazy i even found some small ones at the top of my thigh......ERRRRRR nothing helps either, everyone keeps telling lotion, lotion, lotion, and etc, well none of it works lol
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lol i wish i didn't have ne thing to moan about haha
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you want to know what really irritates me???? lmao and it has nothing to do with home and family..lmao

i scroll through the forums on here and see all of these threads labeled, "could i be pregnant" or "who do you think is the daddy" or whatever.  and they inform you(the reader) that they are having all of these symptoms and either havent taken a hpt or have taken them and it is negative. well shoot if you havent taken one....TAKE ONE... and if you have and it is neg then you are probably NOT pregnant....HELLO. and then the other ones... OMG if you know your cycle you know when you O and you know who you slept with around that time.... if you are sleeping with several than shoot the only thing to do is to do a dna test after baby is born...DUH!!!

sorry as you all know i dont judge ppl on here... but some of these are really irritating. and then there was one post that originated back in 07...about a pregnant woman smoking crack while pregnant.....omg WHY would someone post that on a forum full of women who for the most part are either continually TRYING to get pregnant and cant OR of women who have had losses or who are currently pregnant and value thier unborn child....i dont know i guess i am just sensitive about stupid people today...lol

luv you all....hugs...by the way... thanks to whoever came up with the idea for this thread....lol
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ok...uh duh....thank you hkenny for this thread...lmao... i am such a airhead today and worst yet is my 14 yr old daughter is home sick with what seems to be the same thing i had over the weekend (which btw i am still not completely back to normal...by stomach is still soooo messed up)
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Well, as most know I've had my little pitty party.  I'm over it now.  I think most of my stress was the nursery and now that it is usable, just a few "cosmetic" pieces, that has helped me cope better.  My hormones are another story.  But, I'm working through those too.  DH and I had a good quality night together last night.  The in-laws came by to "critique" the nursery, then DH and I went and got dinner and then laid in bed and cuddled while we watched tv.  I, of course, fell asleep...but it was nice.  As for the stretch marks...if you are meant to get them, then you will.  No matter how much tummy butter and lotion you slather on.  I wish my MIL would learn that...because she keeps buying me tubs of it...  My mother got stretch marks, so I've heard I will too...it's part of the pregnancy package, so I will deal with it and move on.  I'm with you girls on the walking thing...I can't walk like I used to.  My lower back and hips hurt.  Especially if we are in a store on a hard concrete floor.  I'm winded after going downstairs and back up from letting my dogs either in or out and DH wonders why...  I have to roll to get out of bed.  With a belly, you can't just sit up and get out of the bed.
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I have nothing to complain about so far, I only get these terrible back pains, hot flashes, braxton hicks, headaches, swelling (down there), little girl kicking the **** out of me, nothing much, LOL!!!!!!

Oh, and for no apparent reason I get mad at everybody!!! Every little single thing bothers me!!!!!!!!
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Ok so i don't have too much to complain about right now, but all i can say is i am with joyce some of the posts.  Now i am not perfect and i will never claim to be, but i just read a post on the pregnancy 18-34 forum about a guy who cheated on his wife and now is worried that the other woman is having his baby.   I am having a really bad day and i just want to track this guy down and KNOCK HIS FREAKIN HEAD OFF!!!!!  Sorry i just had to get that out....
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Sorry if my post offended anyone....that really wasn't my intention!!
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