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verry infected/abscessed teeth while pregnant

hi! i am 19weeks pregnant and im suffering from infected and abscessing teeth #11,#12,#13 and lower wisdome tooth(leftside). in the 3rd day of being pain i went to the dentist but she said she cant pull out my teeth because im pregnant and i am not able to take any antiboitics. the abscess is getting worst that even my sinus has been infected cause of my upper teeth infections and also my neck lower jaw(leftside). in the 5th day morning, abscess went out from my left sinus and smells verry bad. i even spit it out. now my teeth are not aching but my sinus does even my head(leftside) and neck(leftside).today is my 6th day,there are some abscesses(verry bad odor)coming out from my sinus and im still experiencing headaches,even my left eye is like its hot or something feeling hot pressure from the inside.. plz give me some advice or email me at  ***@**** .your comment /advice will be a verry big help for me. thank you
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Go to a different dentist.  They should not be afraid to work on your teeth when you are pregnant, and they should not refrain either, since the infection from the teeth is very bad for your baby.  If the dentist will not treat you, go to your ob-gyn and get some antibiotics, and also ask the ob-gyn's office to call the dentist's office and get you some help!
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