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whats going o with me

Hello, my name is Ramona  and i have a question i had my son in may and did not bleed very long after  having him he is almost 4 months old now and i still have not had a period i have taken three pregnancy test including one by my Dr. and they all were negative  my Dr. even put me on a pill called provera to make me have a period still nothing what could be going on with me i`m only 35 and i don`t think i could be going through the change or could i. if anyone else has had this prob and found a cause  then please let me know Thanks Ramona
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I really am not sure what this could be, but i bled for 3 months straight after i had my daughter.  Then after that stopped i haven't had one since, but this attributed to breastfeeding.  So sorry i couldn't help, but i just didnt want you to think that you were being ignored :)  Good luck!!
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By any chance do you breast feed? Breast feeding could change your menstrual dramatically, time varying from woman to woman. Ive heard some women dont get their period until they completely stop BF while others get theirs right away.
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