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so i have alot of symptoms that i can deal with, sore breast, tired, hungary. but there is one that is making it hard to eat, sleep, function. I constantly have an upset stomach, not your regular cramping but like stomach virus cramping. its makeing it hard to eat b/c everytime i do the cramping gets worse and i spend like an hour in the bathroom. what can i do to ease this. im really worried about taking anything, im even starting to lose weight. any ideas?
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To help you get through those early weeks, here is a list of the most popular and effective tips for coping with morning sickness:
1.Eat small frequent snacks throughout the day. 5-6 snacks are better than 3 large meals.
2.Keep something in your stomach (saltine crackers really do work!) since an empty stomach increases morning sickness and nausea.
3.Add a vitamin B6 supplement to your diet. Foods rich in B6 including: bananas, roasted chicken/turkey breast, salmon, bell peppers, turnip greens and spinach. See more information on prenatal vitamins and pregnancy diet.
4.Keep a tissue with peppermint oil nearby to "sniff" during waves of nausea.
5.Try sucking on a lemon slice or adding lemon to your water.
6.Exercise regularly.
7.Keep a diary of situations that trigger morning sickness as well as what works to reduce it.
8.Try ginger in the form of tea or lollipops called "Preggiepops".
9.Try frozen electrolyte pops or make your own using electrolyte drink mixes.
10.Avoid heavily sweetened juices since they increase stomach acid and nausea associated with morning sickness.
11.Often bland carbs such as potatoes, oatmeal and pasta can help curb nausea.
12.Acupuncture - seek a Licensed Acupuncturist who will use certain pressure points help reduce morning sickness.
13.Motion sickness bands (called "The Relief Band") based on acupressure can be worn whenever mom feels morning sickness.
14.If you are vomiting, often there is a key food that helps to break the cycle. Be sure to be spontaneous with whatever food you might be craving, even if it's junk food at first. Once the nausea is over, you can focus more on healthy eating.
15.Prenatal vitamins can add to the nausea. Find out more information on keeping down prenatal vitamins.

Read more: http://pregnancychildbirth.suite101.com/article.cfm/coping_with_morning_sickness#ixzz0Rb7v5ES5
Hey I looked this up for you maybe you will find something in here that helps. I know the B6 helps for sure, as well as the peppermint. It has helped with my morning sickenss this time around.
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thank you i will give it a try.
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Oh girl, I know what you're feeling!! I have the same thing, except I also throw up multiple times per day. I totally feel your pain. Do you have insurance? I know the other Moms on here might disagree, but if you are as miserable as I am (and unable to keep food down), then let me tell you- Zofran is the way to go!! I got this in the emergency room from being so dehydrated. Its safe for pregnant women. Its like a miracle! Unfortunately, my insurance won't cover it so I can't take it regularly but it worked like a charm! Its very expensive if you dont have the right insurance. But if you do, go get yourself some and feel good!!
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Hi Maybe someone can help? I have been suffering with morning sickness for the past 2-3 weeks and I'm just worried about what I'm eating. Breakfast is usually fine with cereal and some fruit. I snack through out the day to keep my stomach full but toward the evening when it comes to having a dinner I have many food aversions. I get mad cravings for pizza, chinese or just any take out food. It seems to be the only thing I want to eat. I'm worried incase I'm doing any harm. I can't even cook myself because of the smells. Is there anyone who hasn't got the best diet at the moment? I'm 8 wks tomorrow. Thanks.
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i have the same thing. ask your gyno/doc for zofran. it's a magic pill and takes away all nausea. and completely safe for baby. the cramping doesn't go away though.
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i just constantly feel like im going to be sick, but i rarly do now. i dont want to take a rx b/c i took compazine in my first pregnancy, it was the only med i took during my pregnancy, and my daughter was born with a heart defect. idk if it was the meds or not but i dont want to take any risks. ginger has been working for the most part but there are still times when nothing natural helps.... well im 10 weeks today so i guess this will(hopefilly) end soon once i get into my second trimester.....
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