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How are all the April/May Babies going that have been born

Just wondering how all us mums are going with our bundles of joy... My little one is nearly 6 weeks old and feeding every 2hrs from 2am onwards and sleeping 3hrs stints during the day, I seem to have myself a night owl who longer sleeps are backwards, how much i would love to have more than a 2hr sleep session
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Hi, same here. now just learning about poo, pee , feeding, bottles....pampers...etc first time mom
My baby wakes up every 2 hour or 3 , but sleep 5 to 6 hours at night (  yes!)

I guess everybody is busy  now, and its very difficult to be in the computer. i check here and there when i can.

I had a planed c-section  and everything is well ( still hurting a little bit..lol) and the baby is totally fine , super healthy and super gorgeous!. My cats and dogs love him!

I am feeding him formula " similac advance" and a little bit of mix of breast milk with my electric pumps.

I ate the fact that i am going back to work in 2 weeks..aghhhh!  family will take care of my baby while I am working so I am happy about that part.

Also, I am so happy that after all my questions and stress all is perfect now.

It will be great to know that everybody is ok and had a great deliver and healthy baby.

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that's great that everything is going all ok, my little one is 8 weeks now and is sleeping 5 hrs then 3 hrs after the 5 at night, My cats and dogs love Blayde as well they sniff him and walk away, that's sad that you have to go back to work so soon but it will all work out i'll be going back in 3 months time too so starting to get my milk supply frozen for when i go back to work.
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All is going well here. My little Ava is so cute and PERFECT! She has a heart shaped birthmark on her foot - I love it! She sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time during the night and eats every hour from 6am until 9am.She has mini, sporatic naps during the day. She's a great night sleeper though and has only twice not wanted to go back to sleep.

Breastfeeding is going well - hard in the beginning and tough when I didn't recognize a growing spurt, but now I have it under control. I have about 2 weeks worth of milk frozen and will return to work full time on Monday. But I get to pump at work and will go feed her myself at lunch time. I am hoping to keep this up for at least another month - maybe 3-4 more months if I can. I REALLY don't want to switch to formula. I hate that Nana and Aunt Melanie have to give her a bottle while I work....

I love my baby girl so much it hurts. I cry nearly every day at how much I love this little being. I didn't know my heart could swell so much. She is the greatest blessing ever...and I still manage to think that way when she has a massive diaper blow out that somehow gets all over my pillow, leg AND boob!
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omg same here, Jacob is using 6 months baby clothes already 24 inc long and 13 pounds. he is growing so much.

he doesnt sleep much during the day (short naps) but at night he is great!.. I give him a bath around 10pm and then to sleep around 11pm and sleep until 6am.....Perfect!  

his scalp is dry so i am using cradel and is doing fine, aveno cream for his face to moist and for his body + baby powder  to refresh his body.

also rash cream to prevent it everytime we change the pamper.

1 onuce of water with Oj  or prune juice to help him to poop easy. + regular baby water during the day to refresh him

Jacob was having mix food ( bottle + pump milk ) in the first 3 weeks ..now its just formula similac and he is doing great so far!

the doctor was very happy of how big and healthy he is for only 1 month and 2 weeks. he puts 3 vaccines and he says to watch out or some fever but he didnt get anything, so i thank god of how strong he is!

i am going back to work in august and its killing me! tx god my mom is here to help me.

Also, betw all this craziness i was not aware of the baby health enrollment and now he has not health coverage. it seems by federal law you have 31 days after giving birth to enroll the baby. since he is so healthy   the doctor told me to bring him when he is 1month ans 2 weeks to put his first vaccine and i founded out that day that the coverage from the hospital ended. Now i have to wait until november..I was so mad at my humane resources  and i cried but at the end  we needed to find a solution.  We enroll the baby in a new insurance by himself the cost >$ 190 per month  we didnt have other option , at least until the november enrollment in my company. (ahg!)

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that's great that all is going well, Blayde had his 2 month injections last week, was only a little unsettled afterwards, and had little red lumps on his thighs from them, Also he must be going though a growth spurt for the last 2 days has been wanting to feed every 2 hrs all day and night, but seems to be over it today.

I so would love him to sleep though the night but i think it's more that i hear him stir and get him to feed in the middle of the night cause he never fully wakes up so i'm going to try and ignore and wait for him to let out a little cry for a feed, I usually have to guess when he wants to feed cause he is such a content baby and is only fussy when he has the tummy pains. But otherwise all is cruising along.
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How many moms out there are breastfeeding? I find that not many do anymore these days and it's hard to find support when I have questions. Currently I am bugging one lady I met thru a breastfeeding course. Eventually she is gonna get tired of me asking questions! Plus, I like to have someone to compare to. Of the 3 ladies in church and the neighbor girl, I am the only one breastfeeding....
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i'm breast feeding stll
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I dont do it!..I pump my milk twice the first week and then i give up!....( it hurst!..auch) I am giving him just formula and he is doing perfectly.

he is growing so fast, I am waiting for the insurance to bring him back to the doctorfor his second set of vaccines.

He sleeps through the  night but i can see him in the monitor  fussing around and putting his hands on his face or nose(?)  anyway i kind of change his pamper in the crib and then i left him there  but if he still fussy i give him some food and then he goes back to sleep , he usually sleeps 5 to 6 hours at time at night through mid day. 11pm to 5pm and then 5:30am to 11 am or so.

after midday is when i get tired because he doesnt want to sleep , he wants to look around and its no much you can do to entertain a baby of 2 months.. his head is almost firm he likes to be sitting on my leg(he is a big baby), watch TV (colors!) and likes to play with my hands and then he gets annoyed really easy and cries (scream) and then he falls to sleep for 20 mntes and then we do it again... my god if i am learning about having patience..(lol)  thanks god i have some from my pets otherwise i will be going crazy...my dogs and cats kind of training me for this...lol

even though my mother and mother in law  think is the perfect baby he cries minimun..and i am like what?.....and then they say you have to see other babies...they really cry and make your life impossible...and then i say...OMG thank god!.....lol

thank god i can take care of him 1 more month and then go back to work!... he still so little..god!

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