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How is every one going / feeling?

thought i would see how everyone is travelling in to their second trimester in the the next couple of weeks.. myself am going great, have notice that i seem to be having more nasal congestion and it's summer here so i'm guessing that is just a symptom, also now feeling great as i'm past the morning sickness but once in a while i have a bit of nausea and just vomit out of nowhere..
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I'm feeling great, if it wasn't for the little bump, I wouldn't even know that I am pregnant! Nauseous is totally gone, so glad as it was very bad at one stage. So hungry all the time, especially in the morning. I feel you with the nasal congestion, it's summer here to and I have nasal congestion every morning and night which I'm totally not used to! So glad to actually have made it this far! This is probably one of the most exciting trimesters as we gonna find out the genders of the babies ect, cant wait for that, so exciting to know what I am having. When's you gender u/s mislolliepop?
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my ultrasound is the 7th december so the count down has begun
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I've been feeling good too, occasionally I'll feel nauseous, but for the most part it's gone away.  We were gonna have the gender ultrasound on the 7th of Dec, but had to reschedule to the 8th.  I am still feeling it's a girl.  
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that's the date i'm having my ultrasound too.. how exciting
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Had my 17week ultrasound this morning! Having 2 little boys! Couldnt believe out luck, didnt think they would be able to tell us this early, but both of them showed off their assets!
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congrats.. can't wait for my scan only 1 week 5 days to go.. can't tell i'm counting down
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Uptowngirl:  Congrats!  Boys are so cute!  

Misslollipop:  You and I are both counting it down.  You're in Austraillia (sorry for the spelling) I wonder who goes first you or me on that day.  Are you one day ahead of us here in the U.S. or are we ahead of you?
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we are a day ahead of you guys..
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Im going into my 17th week tomorrow..with my fist pregnancy & I feel fine, im finally getting all my energy back. I live in Wisconsin and its super cold over here so I also feel you with the nasal congestion! I dont find out the sex until my ultrasound on January 7th! I am soooo anxious to find out though! Unfortunately I dont have much of a baby bump yet, its slightly there but im sure ill be showing by Christmas, which is my 20wk mark! I guess we will see! Good luck to everyone & I wish you all happy pregnancys! :)
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My whole pregnancy I've been feeling really pretty awesome...except the last few days I have been getting headaches and then Braxton Hicks contractions for the last 2 days.  I stopped progesterone last week and stopped my Lovenox shots a couple days ago...I wonder if there is any correlation.

I really can't complain at all as I have had it so easy this pregnancy...hopefully the birth will be fairly easy too!
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My entire pregnancy has been very difficult. I felt fine until about the weeks of the 11th through the 13th, I had severe morning sickness and was almost dehydrated enough for my Doctor to put me in the hospital but thankfully they put me on an anti-nausea medication and within the first day of taking it I felt a lot better but my depression, anxiety and insomnia has become so much worse and I know the hormones are not helping. I'm on medications for anxiety and insomnia but haven't found an anti-depressant that works. Oh and not to mention the irritability. I only experience nausea when I try to eat, sometimes I try to force myself to eat but I end up getting really nauseous and sometimes it's so bad that I throw up. I have food aversions but crave sprite, so I guess that's my craving. I find out the sex on the 18th and my husband and I are both hoping and thinking it's a boy! :)
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