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Team PINK!

We just found out yesterday that we are having a baby girl! Anyone else on the pink team? :)
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Congratulations! Have fun setting up a pink wardrobe for your princess!
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Thanks! :)
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I "feel" I am having a girl! but do not know for sure as fetal sex determination is not allowed in my country..
The feeling is so strong that I am only able to think of baby girl names, baby girl dresses, going shopping with her when she grows up!!

But the other day I saw a dream that I am holding my baby, and the baby is wearing a light blue dress LOL!!
Guess, dh n I would have to leave the gender as a surprise until the baby is born!
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Hopeful - I've never heard of not being allowed to determine gender. Very interesting! Is it because of technology, or is it actually the law? Is it religious purposes? Are you allowed to go elsewhere and determine the gender? Not that's it's so important, but we were estatic to know. Some people do find a thrill in not knowing ahead of time. My mom did not learn of the gender with her first 3 kids...with the last 2 she did want to know.

And too funny about being in a blue dress...what a confusing dream!
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hey amandamae- yes, it is just not allowed as per law. The thing is, it is sad and unfortunate that most backward communities and village folks prefer to have boys than girls, so for the last few years, the rate of abortion of female fetus became very very high. It is an ugly truth. And so the government made the law that no doctor or u/s tech or nurse, can disclose the gender of fetus to the family. Both parties need to sign this in written before the scan begins :)
I guess that unless the doctor is a close friend, there is no way to know the baby's gender! I will try to strike a friendly chord with my doc lol!l
The sad part is that with some bribe, those devilish people still sometimes manage to find out the gender and if it is a girl, they abort :(
I myself, would be so thrilled to have a baby girl! I would LOVE to know what I am having! however, as you said, knowing is not all that important. I just pray that my baby be born healthy at full term!

Yes, everytime I have a baby dream.. I see myself mostly trying to find out what sex the baby is! haha!
By the way, I am so waiting to feel the baby move. When is the earliest you started feeling your baby?
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i just found out today after having a horrible one on Monday that we are team pink as well, i am so excited that my DD will have a sister. Also the gendermaker was right, the Chinese gender was right for me, and my dreams. The only thing that said boy was my friends and family and the ebay predictor i did.
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We also are having a girl!
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Congratulations on your baby girl!
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I found out on Thursday (16w5d) I am having a little girl. Everything was measuring right on target & she looked perfect.

My intuition, symptoms, & the Chinese Gender chart were all correct. I am beside myself with joy.

Go Team Pink!!
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Hopeful - that is interesting. I guess that is a good reason to not disclose the gender. Have they been able to determine if that has decreased the overall rate of abortion? And thanks so much for the information...I was really baffeled as to why they would not allow gender determination, but it makes sense now!

And congrats to the ladies who made it onto Team Pink!
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Hello everyone!  We are as well, having a second girl so my DD will have a little sister :)

Have a question though...With my first, I didn't gain weight rapidly at all, however, this time around, I am 21 weeks and already gained over 12 lbs!! in the last week along, I gained 2 lbs as oppose to one. I find myself EXTREMELY hungry around 9 pm so I grab something to eat...
Can anyone tell me how I should stay healthy because I don't want to gain all that weight?!!
I am trying to stay away from sweets and carbs but holidays JUST passed and I still have lots of leftovers.. Also, I try to walk 2 miles every other day and swim 2 times a week...what else should I do?
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I'm having a girl! :)
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